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Our beliefs

While it is acknowledged that a child’s development and growth takes place within the context of their families and communities, our school has a responsibility to promote children’s personal development, behaviour and well-being.  PSHE, including sex and relationship education, is part of a life-long learning process which enables the development of positive attitudes towards self and others.

It is our intention that pupils at Studley Green School will learn to live healthy, safe and independent lives. We intend that they will respect the differences in people and form healthy, positive relationships with others. We will prepare them to play an active and informed role as responsible citizens. To enable them to make informed and positive choices and to be confident and aspirational about their futures. We intend that they are prepared to deal with the physical and emotional changes which occur in adolescence and recognise when they need help and be able to ask for support if necessary.

Our PSHE curriculum

The curriculum structure is taken from the Wiltshire PSHE curriculum Learn 4 Life and follows themes identified in the ‘Wiltshire Children’s Charter for the Teaching of PSHE’. This scheme of work is supplemented by additional resources and materials from Corum Life SCARF.  The progression of themes has been developed to provide a broad, up-to-date curriculum which nevertheless allows for adequate depth to meet the needs of our pupils.

Please read the Sex and relationship education policy in conjunction with the PSHE policy.