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Enrichment & trips


At Studley Green Primary School, learning thrives beyond the classroom walls. Our commitment to providing an exceptional education includes a range of immersive learning experiences outside the classroom.

We give our children experiences so they can truly live the curriculum. Whether it's exploring the historical treasures of Trowbridge Museum, marvelling at Longleat's wildlife, or discovering wonders at Bristol Zoo, our pupils delve into real-world adventures.

Picture our learners tracing history at Stonehenge, experiencing the heartbeat of democracy at the Houses of Parliament, and dipping their toes in the sea at Weymouth Beach.

Moreover, our school boasts its own natural havens! Our forest provides a lush backdrop for outdoor lessons, while our allotment teaches children about sustainability and nature. Our ponds are living laboratories for exploring aquatic life.

These experiences are more than just fun outings. They ignite curiosity, develop teamwork, and nurture resilience. Our students return inspired and enriched by trips like Young Voices, where they perform alongside thousands, honing their confidence. And let's not forget the pinnacle of our adventures - the Year 6 residential trip! This immersive experience is a rite of passage, bonding our students in teamwork, independence, and unforgettable memories.

Our meticulously planned trips complement classroom learning, overseen by trained staff and stringent safety measures, guaranteeing both adventure and security.

Extracurricular clubs

We offer a wide range of after-school clubs, most of which are free. Recent extracurricular activities include choir, sports clubs, coding club and 3D printing club. Parents are informed of these via our communication platform ParentMail. For more information, please contact the school office.