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The period from birth to five, known as the early years foundation stage, (is one of rapid growth and development.

Early childhood education provides the essential foundation for all future learning. We, therefore, need to provide a socially and emotionally secure environment, with a less formal atmosphere, in which children are able to learn successfully and play purposefully. We need to provide an environment in which they are able to develop their language and mathematical skills and to explore and experiment. 

Children learn when: 

  • They feel secure, valued and confident 
  • They find learning to be a pleasurable and rewarding experience 
  • They are supported in school and at home 
  • They are interested and positive 
  • Their physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities are taken into account 
  • They are encouraged to think about their learning and to develop independence 
  • They are provided with first-hand experience and appropriate adult intervention 
  • They are encouraged to use play and talk as media for learning 
  • Their progress is assessed and recorded and used to inform future planning 

We aim to provide a curriculum that should underpin all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children. 

Studley Green is a place where everyone is treated equally, encouraged and respected. We believe that all children should be able to achieve their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. We are committed to our school being a safe and inclusive place where learning is nurtured and encouraged in a happy, caring and fun environment. We all work for our school to be a happy place where good behaviour is expected, and all children enjoy their educational journey. 

At Studley Green, our aim is to maintain a happy atmosphere with cooperation between staff, parents and children, whilst at the same time maintaining good order, a working atmosphere and attitudes of courtesy and respect.

Our aims are to provide a secure, stimulating and positive learning environment where children can: 

  • Develop intellectually, socially and emotionally 
  • Develop curiosity in the world around them 
  • Develop a good moral judgement 
  • Develop good communication skills 
  • Become independent learners and creative thinkers 
  • Become happy and confident learners, with high self-esteem 

 In the Early Years, our aims are to achieve these objectives by: 

  • Ensuring that each child is equally valued and reaches their full potential 
  • Providing a safe, stimulating environment, both indoors and outdoors 
  • Planning for and delivering a broad, balanced curriculum 
  • Recognising and recording individual children’s progress and achievements 
  • Establishing a positive, on-going partnership with parents and families, acknowledging the vital role they play in their child’s education 

For more information please see our Early Years Policy. If you are interested in visiting our Early Years classes, please contact the school office and we will be happy to give you a tour.