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Admission arrangements

Children wishing to join our school in Reception should follow the LA Admissions procedures.  

For children wishing to join the school mid-year or at any point Y1-Y6, please see LA guidance ‘Apply for an In Year Transfer’.  

Please note that Studley Green Primary School belongs to a collaboration of twenty two local schools who are committed to working together promoting the very best outcomes for all children.  We believe that if not managed well, moving schools can have a detrimental effect on children's learning. 

If your request for an In-Year Transfer is not because of an address change or relocation from overseas, you are strongly advised to think very carefully before you apply.  Problems that your child may be experiencing may not go away simply as a result of a change of school.  We would expect that you would have discussed the reasons for the proposed move with your current school prior to making any contact with us.

If having considered the above, along with all the points listed within the LA guidance ‘Apply for an In Year Transfer’ you decide to proceed, you must fill in the forms on the Parent Portal.  Please note that in order to ensure the transfer is the most successful it can be, it is essential, and a requirement of our school, that the form is completed fully. 

Prior to any transfer being agreed, we will contact the Headteacher of your child’s/children’s current and previous schools.

Thank you for thinking about Studley Green Primary School as a possible placement for your child.  We look forward to hearing from you.