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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Morning Challenges


Get your Home Learning Journal ready by writing today's long date and underlining it using a ruler.  Don't forget to write the learning title to separate your learning tasks!


Let's start the day with some brain exercise - How many challenges can you complete today? 

PE - Let's get Active! Full Speed - Fresh Start Fitness | GoNoodle

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Mental Maths


Log in to TT Rockstars -

(remember: your login details are stuck on the inside of your Home Learning Journal)


Who will win our first battle of 2021 - Boys vs Girls?


Fluent in 5

Time yourself for 5 minutes - Can you solve the 4 mixed number calculations? Show your workings in your Home Learning Journal.


Some helpful hints: 

yesseparate the whole number from the fraction if you have a mixed number

yesyou cannot add fractions with a different name.

yesIf the fractions have the same name (the same denominator) you just add the numerator.

yesif the numerator and the denominator are the same this is equal to 1.

yesthink about whether you need to change the name of one of the fractions or possibly both. 

yesDon't forget if you change the denominator of a fraction you must change the numerator in the same way! 

yesLook at your answer to see if you can simplify the fraction.


On your marks, get set and go!



Lesson 1


To begin this term we will be reviewing our learning on using the 4 operations. 


Write title in your Home Learning Journal and underline with a ruler.


Begin by looking at the slides below to review our prior learning.   As you work through the slides record your calculations in your Home Learning Journal.  Remember to line the digits up carefully in columns.






When you have finished go to the Deepening understanding website at -


Use the log in details in your home learning pack to complete the assignment I have set for you to test your skills.  Your work will be marked on screen so you can see how well you did.




Write a new title in your Home Learning Journal to separate your learning tasks.


Last term we read the book 'Holes' by Louis Sacher.   


Begin your reading session by writing a summary of the story so far in your Home Learning Journal. 

Watch the following clip to remind yourself how to write  summary -


For an extra challenge - write your summary using no more that 30 words. 


We have 4 chapters to read to complete the book. 

Chapter 47  - Try reading the chapter aloud to someone at home.






Write a new title in your Home Learning Journal to separate your learning tasks.


This term we will be learning about Narrative writing by composing our own adventure stories  and learning how to add suspense to our writing.


Cold writing task


At the start of a new unit we begin by having a go at a piece of independent writing.  Today I would like you to use the title and the picture below to write your own adventure story.  Remember adventure stories often include: Something exciting and extraordinary, often a quest or a mission. Escaping danger, going on a quest or experiencing something out of the ordinary.


Treasure Hunt



Things to think about:

How will you structure your story - what will happen in each part?

Where were you when you stumbled across the treasure?

Who were you with?

What would you do?

Open the treasure chest?

Keep it to yourself?

Hand it in to the police?

Show it to your family?


Remember every piece of writing should:


yes include a variety of sentence structures

yesbe accurately punctuated

yesbe structured in paragraphs

yesuse different cohesive devices to link ideas

yesuse language for effect

yesshow attention to accurate spelling

yesneatly presented in a continuous cursive style


When you have finished writing your story remember to read it back and check it carefully - I like to read it aloud to make sure I am happy with how it sounds.




Can you use the word of the day in a sentence of your own?


Compassion begins with the prefix 'com' which means 'with' or 'together'. 


Look at the words on the statutory word lists in your Home Learning Pack. 

  • Can you find 5 words that begin with the prefix 'com'? 
  • Can you read them? 
  • List them in your Home Learning Journal and use each one in a sentence of your own.



Write a new title in your Home Learning Journal to separate your learning tasks.


Our new topic is called 'The Lost World' - so what do you think we will be learning about?  Use the tasks below to get started.


Task 1 - Can you rearrange the letters below to work out our question for the term?  You can ask someone at home to help you if you need to.  


? owh  tinmaptor si teh amAozn froarienst ot em


Task 2 - Once you have worked out our question draw a KWL grid in your book use the example below to help you. 


What I already KNOW What I WANT to know What I have LEARNT








Use a ruler to draw the lines and make sure you leave room in each column to write down your ideas.  Label each column.  In the first column write down what you already KNOW about our topic, in the second column write down what you WANT to know about our topic and leave the third column blank - we will add to that at the end of our topic.


Task 3 - Read our new knowledge organiser  





Visit Yumu -


Use the login details in your Home Learning Pack find our unit for this term 'A New Year Carol' by Benjamin Britten. 


Go to Step 1 at the bottom of the menu on the right had side of the page. Watch the signed version of the song and try to learn the signs as well as the words.