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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good Morning Callisto I hope you are all well rested and ready for our day of Home Learning.  Remember to sign in on the daily register, say hello and let me know how you are getting on with your learning.


A big well done to yesRiley H and yesMiley who both correctly named the highest mountain in the Uk and yesyes to Weronika and Nicole who also found out how high it was!  Take a look at today's PE block for my next question!


Keep battling on TT Rockstars - the scores are close so every point matters.  At the start of day 5 of our battle the scores stand at Boys 3, 680 vs Girls 3, 854 - so the girls have taken a slim lead.  




Get ready, get set and Go with Joe!  Follow the link below to take part in today's daily PE workout with Joe - it really helps me feel energised for the day.


My World Quiz question for you today is ... What is the longest river in the UK? - for a bonus point can you tell me - Where it is? Send your answers to me on today's register or b using the class email address -



Today we will be doing lesson 8 of converting measures and will be converting from metric units of mass (kg) to imperial units (lbs).  Remember that being able to convert from metric to imperial units is only a very small part of the maths curriculum and it may feel very confusing at times - but we are resilient learners and just need to try our best.


The In Focus task asks us to help the manufacturer (maker) of some weights to label them in pounds.  The mathematical symbol for pounds is lbs and 1kg = 2.2lbs (think bag of sugar).  If I have a weight of 3kg to convert it into pounds I would calculate the number of kilograms multiplied by the number of pounds in each i.e. 3 x 2.2 = 6.6kg.  Look at the Let's Learn slides to see how Lulu, Sam and Emma converted some different kg weights into lbs.  Once you have finished have a go at the Guided Practice questions in you Home Learning Journal before trying worksheet 8 on pages 113 and 114 of your workbook.


I will post the answers at the bottom of the page.

Lesson 7 Converting Mass



Take a look at the picture below:


We will be doing an extended piece of writing linked to this picture in tommorow's English lesson so today  I would like you to begin to plan some ideas to support you in your writing.  Answer the following questions about the picture in your Home Learning Journal - Remember you do no need to write the questions out but you should answer each question in a full sentence.


What do you see?

Is the picture modern or historical - how do you know?

How does the image make you feel?

Who do you think is on the ship?

What dangers do you think they face?

What sounds would you hear during a storm at sea?


Can you think of different ways to describe the storm raging around the ship?


5 powerful adjectives to describe the sky

5 verbs to describe what the waves are doing.

5 words to describe how the crew of the ship might be feeling.

an example of a simile or metaphor

an example of personification




Your vocabulary task today is ... to tell me about a place you have been to or think is 'serene'in no more than 3 sentences. 




Choose an activity from the spelling board below and practice spelling the following words with the 'ough' letter string: fought, thought, rough, although, through.   

Write your spelling words in alphabetical order Rainbow write each word in your spelling list

Circle each consonant in your words and draw a heart around each vowel

Write each word forwards and then backwards Write each word with your eyes closes Write each word using fancy letters.




Read the pages below from Edge of Extinction Chapter 9. In your Home Learning Journal explain why Sky means in the last sentence -


'I felt alive, free.'



Edge of Extinction Chapter 9 page 114 - 115

Topic - French


Last term in class we began learning how to name different part of the body in French - you may remember that Mrs Lloyd came into one of our lessons and help us with our pronunciation.  Have a go at the following activities to help you recall our learning:


Watch the following clip and join in when you recognise the song: 


Now watch the next clip to help you practice saying 10 body parts in French:


When you have finished watching the clip draw the outline of a person in your Home Learning Journal and label your drawing with some of the body parts we have been learning about.  Write each label in French and write the English word in brackets underneath.  You can use the video clip to help you with your spelling.


Why don't you try and teach someone at home the French version of Simon says.

The French game is called 'Jacques a dit' ... remember they may only touch the part of the body you say if it starts with the phrase Jacques a dit ...


For example -

Jacques a dit touchez la tête (Jack says touch the head) - they would touch the head and stay in the game

Touchez le nez (touch the nose) they would not touch the nose and if they did they would be out of the game.

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