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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Bonjour à toute la classe - Comment ça va? Happy Earth Day 2020 and welcome to a new day of home learning.    A big thank you to Nicole and Harley, who both sent photos of their home learning yesterday, it is fantastic to see what you have been doing - keep them coming!


If you visit Google today you will notice a special play button in the title - if you click on this play button you can learn more about bees and why they are so important to the world and play a game helping the humble bumble bee pollinate flowers.  There is also an Earth day activity at the bottom of the page.


I have a special challenge for you today - I have hidden some french number words in our home learning pages.  They are in large letters and in red or blue.  You need to find them and write them down in your home learning journal.  When you have found them all (there are 11 altogether) write them in order and let me know via the register or class email which number between 1 and 12 is missing.   Hint:the first number is at the bottom of the page wink


If you haven't been on TT Rockstars recently you may be unaware that we are currently in a champions battle with Ganymede.  Were are quite far behind Ganymede and the battle ends today at 12.46 - so please make sure you get onto TT Rockstars as part of your maths lessons and help us increase our score.


sept (7)


PE                                                                      quatre (4)


Start your day with 30 minutes of physical activity - use the link below to take part in a daily workout with Joe Wicks - We did it in school yesterday and found it hard work but fun!  Lauren found it amusing that Miss Betteridge kept asking for the easy exercises!


Don't forget you can also try and spot the differences, answer Joe's quiz questions and create your own PE with Joe t-shirt design.





Today we will be doing Lesson 3 of converting measures.  The focus today is converting between km and m so remember 1000m = 1km.  Take a look at the Let's Learn slides to see how our friends have converted the measurements.  In each activity are they multiplying or dividing by 1000 to find their answer?  In your Home Learning Journal try the guided practice questions - remembering to record your work neatly and underline the date and headings.  Then try worksheet 3 in your workbook on pages 103 and 104.



dix (10)



'The Greatest Library'


                               neuf (9)


Today I would like you to use the image and the learning you have done over the previous two days to create a short story of your own.You can use the story opener below to get you started or if you would prefer you can write one of your own. 


Story starter


The books had minds of their own…


This was no ordinary library.


Books about knights and castles would gallop all over the library, bravely and boldly ordering the other books around. The books about thieves would sneak around, lurking behind bookshelves in the shadows. Books about wild animals would occasionally roar and bite other books. The ones containing stories set in the winter would often shiver, covering their neighbours with snow and frost.


Lucy loved this place like no other. Reading was the most exciting thing in the world here: everything she read seemed to come alive out of the pages…


Can you continue this story about The Greatest Library?


un (1)



Visit the spelling frame website by following the link below.


six (6)


Learn how to spell words with the 'ough' string by selecting 'spelling tiles'.  You will need to listen carefully to each word before you try to spell it - and remember all the words we are learning have the 'ough' string in them!


If you are unable to access the site practice reading and spelling the words in the list below.  Can you use each word in a sentence? Record your spelling practice in your Home Learning Journal.









douze (12)




Verb ABC

In the margin of your home learning journal write down all the letters of the alphabet.  When you have done this try to think of 3 verbs (action words) for each letter.  Which letter was the hardest? Let me know on the register or via the class email.



deux (2)



Read the poem below and then answer the questions below - remember you do not need to write the questions but you do need to answer in full sentences.


trois (3)

Topic - DT                                                                                onze (11)


Watch the following you tube clip:  Write a list of all the animals that you saw in the clip.


As the sun is shining go outside and find a wall, fence or patio area and use the instruction sheet below to practice making your own hand shadow puppets.



When you are ready make a puppet of you favourite animal or book character.  To do this you will need some card, a pair of scissors, some tape and a stick - you could use a pencil or a paint brush. 


1. Begin by drawing the outline of your character and then carefully cut it out. 

2. Use the tape to stick your character onto the stick

3. Then take it outside and look at the shadow it creates. 


Ask an adult to photograph your puppet and the shadow it makes and send it to us on our class email and we will try and guess what character you have made.  You could try and create your own puppet show to tell a story - just like the one in the clip you watched.  I can't wait to see what you created.

huit (8)

Earth Day 2020 Activity - Geopgraphy


As today is Earth Day I would like you to think carefully about the place in which you live. 


Your task is to construct a detailed map as you explore. You could do this during your daily walk or you could just focus on a small area like your garden.  Can you note all the features you see such as tracks, paths, rivers, ponds, landmarks, or other unique natural features?  Can you add man-made features such as houses and shops, roads and walls?


Keep your eyes open for natures treasures while you create your map and mark these on your map with a yellow star.