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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Wednesday 13th January

Welcome to hump day Wednesday, 


Before you start your learning today make sure you sign the remote learning register by clicking here.


Get your Home Learning Journal ready by writing today's long date and underlining it using a ruler.  Don't forget to write the learning title, like Maths, to separate your learning tasks!


Let's start the day with some brain exercise - How many challenges can you complete today?


Let's start the morning of with some dancing! Go on, I know you love it!

Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

Get that sunshine in your pocket and that good soul in your feet as you dance, dance, dance along with the Trolls to this awesome JT song!


Let's kick start our maths with 10 mins of TTRS


Mental Maths

Start with your 2x tables booklet. Ask an adult to set a timer for 2min. Try and do as many as you can. Keep your score as I will be asking for them tomorrow so I can update the score sheet. I know you can do it. 4o club all round!


Fluent in 5

Time yourself for 5 minutes - Can you solve the 4 mixed number calculations? Show your workings in your Home Learning Journal.



On your marks, get set and go!



New section please with the heading of English and the WALT written.


WALT: using metaphors in a list poem


Recap - I didn’t know I’d miss 
Lots of you have been at home for sometime time now. Some have still been going to school but it has been different. What are the things that you have missed? Some of them might surprise you. Write a list poem  about the things that you didn't know you would miss. This is an example written by Tina who lives in Salford. She has been missing lots of things about school. 
Listen to an audio recording of this poem here:  
 I didn’t know I’d miss –

 the hum of everyone in assembly and the joyful sound of us singing together. 
 I didn’t know I’d miss –  

Miss Wood on the flipchart writing up our ideas as we make up a story together and the room is alive with creativity. 
 I didn’t know I’d miss –  

meeting with my friends each morning, even when the playground was cold. 
 I didn’t know I’d miss –  

my pencil case with all my pencils and the smell of the inside of my school bag. 
 I didn’t know I’d miss – finding a new book that I love from the class library. 
 I didn’t know I’d miss –  school dinners, especially my friday favourite, fish fingers.                 By Tina 

Writing tip: Make a short list of things that you have missed. Make them real things that matter to you and you look forwards to going back to. Then take each one in turn and add to the idea so that reader understands what you are missing. 


Ok so for today's learning we will be looking at 'Wishes' 
The lists about things that you have missed are like wishes. In this writing idea, you can contrast things that you really want to do with things that sound fancy but actually you can do without. For instance, I don't have to travel to Spain but I wouldn't mind a trip to Weston-super-Mare. I don't have to travel in a limousine but I wouldn't mind a bike ride down to the shops.  

Make a list of a few simple things that you'd like to do but haven't been able to do. Then add in some contrasts. Here is my list. 
You can listen to an audio recording of this poem here:  

 I don’t need to be in Spain with turquoise seas but  I do wish that I was walking along the canal path in Bradford-on-Avon, where a kingfisher zips by in a sudden electric blue fizz, a fistful of feathered energy. 

 I don’t need to be at the top of Everest, planting the Union Jack but I do wish I could climb Strawberry Banks where the speckled woods, small blues, orange tips and brimstone butterflies flutter like frail candle flames. 

 I don’t need to sit in the Prezzo, eating garlic bread and lasagne but I do wish I could drop into Dominoes for a slice of fresh pepperoni pizza with gooey cheese, tomatoes and basil with a can of cold lemonade. 

 I don’t need to go for a trip to Bristol zoo to check out the penguins, listen to the howler monkeys or watch the grumpy camels or elegant giraffes stretch their spotted necks but I do wish I that I could visit my mum to chatter with her dogs, whose greeting is always full on energy, the air alive with yapping and barking. 

 I don’t need to win the lottery or rob a bank but I do wish I could catch the village bus into town and mooch about the bookshop, checking new titles and then wander over to Moonshine’s for a snack. 
I don’t need to own the crown jewels, drive a Lamborghini or get into the Guinness book of world records but I wouldn’t mind being able to buy an ice-cream from the top of the Westbury White horse, watch the kites being flown and the hang gliders drift with the wind. 

 Yes I don’t need much but I am storing up all the good ordinary things That once were everyday But now have become My special things. 
Now it's your turn. Try the writing pattern using the word 'but' to introduce the contrast. This is a simple but very effective way to write your list down.  
Writing tip:  write about real things that matter to you and things that you are really looking forwards to experiencing again. These can be quite small things that in the past we didn't think much about. Now, they may be things that you are longing to do.  



Do this at the back of your book as we always do. Take your time and do one line of each word.



WALT: The /i/ sound spelt y elsewhere than at the end of words


Continuing from last week with /i/ sounds we will be focusing on the /y/ in words.

Practice spelling these words - remember write them at least 5 times (with that beautiful handwriting).












This week in art we will be making cool colour wheels creating variations of blue. To do this we will need blue and white paint. If you do not have paint you can also use chalk or pencil crayons.

Look at the image below. I had a go at making a colour wheel starting with the white circle and gradually adding small amounts of blue to it. Each time you create a new shade of blue paint another circle. Fill your page with your colours and leave it to dry. 


To complete your picture you can add some cut out objects that remind you of winter. Try a tree or a snowman for example. You don't have to use black paper, any dark paper will do. Newspaper will look great as well if you have some.

You will need:
A4 piece of paper

Blue and white paint

Paint brush

Dark paper



This week in PSHE we will be focusing on our well being. For some of you being at home may be hard and you may be finding things a little tough. Missing your friends or seeing your family. Here are a few activities to help you keep a check on your own well being.