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Tuesday 28th April 2020

Hello Everyone and welcome to today's Home Learning page.  Remember to sign in using the daily register - I check it everyday and will answer any question you have on our class page.


Some children have mentioned that they are finding the English tasks challenging - remember feeling challenged is a good thing as it means you are learning.   I have placed a star next to the things you need to record in you Home Learning Journal so I hope this helps. 


yesA thumbs up to Alexander - who was the first person to correctly named the world's 5 oceans - check out today's PE block to find my question for you today.


Our TT Rockstar battle of Boys vs Girls in Callisto has started and the  ...  Boys have taken an early lead!  The current scores are Boys 1658 vs Girls 1209.  There are 2 boys currently playing against 5 girls - so let's see how many new people join the battle today!



Yesterday's Joe Wicks workout was, in my opinion, one of the toughest yet - starting with a minute of squats followed by a minute of burpees.  His wheel of tasks really pushed me so I am hoping that today is a little easier. 


Follow the link below to join in - I will be taking part in his live stream in my living room!


My World Quiz Question is ... What is the name of the UK's highest mountain? 


You can send your answers on the daily register or to the class email.



Begin your session with 10 minutes on TT Rockstars - will the Girls or the Boys win our next battle? If you cannot log in to TT Rockstars them remember to use your times table book to practice multiplication facts for 7.


Today we are looking at Lesson 7 and using our skills in converting units of maths to solve challenging problems.


Today's in focus task asks you to use the information that we know to work out how much flour Ruby and Emma had to start with.  This sounds difficult but if we work systematically in small steps we can find the answer.


Start by taking a look at Let's Learn 1.  Here we can see how Eliot begins by converting the kg mass into grams - this is an important step when comparing mass and allows us to make sense of the bar model in Let's Learn 2. 


In Let's Learn 2 Amira has drawn the bar models -  but do you know what each yellow box represents? (hint read the In Focus Task again - it's right there!) 


Amira uses a bracket to show you the 6 units she is thinking about and uses the numbers she knows to work out the total mass of the 6 units using a subtraction calculation.  When she knows the total mass of 6 units she is able to use a division calculation to work out the mass of a single unit.  Her next step is to use multiplication to calculate the mass of 6 units in total.  To answer the In Focus question she then adds the mass she knew at the beginning to mass she has just worked out.


When you have finished working through the Let's Learn slides try at least one of the Guided Practice questions in your Home Learning Journal - can you draw a bar model to help you? Can you show all the calculation steps you took to work out the answer?


The last part of today's lesson is to complete worksheet 7 on page 111 and 112 in your workbook - remember to check the bottom of the page for the answers if your parents haven't signed up to the Maths No Problem hub.




Lesson 7 - Converting Mass



In class, since the beginning of the year,we have been learning about sentence structure and exploring ways you can add information to a basic sentence to expand it. This adds detail to your writing making it more interesting for the reader, holds their attention and creates images to draw them in.


Today we will be having a go at writing extended sentences - so to begin with read the examples below:


Basic sentence: People ride bikes.


Extra details include:

  • When: during the rush hour
  • Where: in the city
  • Why: to avoid the traffic

When we put these ideas together we could create the following extended sentence:

During the rush hour, people in the city ride bikes to avoid the traffic.


Basic sentence: I explored the castle

  • When: At night
  • Where: in the remote valley
  • Why: to see if I could solve the mystery


Expanded sentence: At night, I explored the castle in the remote valley to see if I could solve the mystery.



Activity One: expand a sentence


Now have a go for yourself - below are some basic sentences with ideas on how you can expand them.  Write your expanded sentences in your Home Learning Journal.


Basic sentence: I crossed the bridge.

  • When: After reaching the valley
  • Where: over the moat
  • Why: to explore the castle


Expanded sentence:


Basic sentence: The cat sleeps

  • When: 
  • Where: 
  • Why: 

Expanded sentence:




Activity Two: verbs and subjects


In this task I would like you to revisit some learning from last week.  Copy each sentence into your Home Learning Journal and highlight the subjects (the main thing the sentence is about) and underline the verbs (the action word).


  • Spring is my favourite season.
  • At dawn, the birds sing.
  • The old book has yellow pages. 
  • Coffee is my least favourite drink.
  • On Saturdays, they all play football.



Activity Three: rewrite a paragraph


Read the short paragraph below.  It has one fragment which is underlined and four basic sentences.  I would like you to rewrite the paragraph by expanding the basic sentences and removing the fragment.


Cats are lazy. They spend a lot of time sleeping. In their baskets. They need attention from their owners. They don’t need as much attention as dogs.



Practice spelling words with the 'ough' letter string by visiting the site below.  Click on 'spelling tiles' and select 'segment silhouette'




Today I would like you to try a new game called 'Up and Down' - look at the picture below to see how to play.



Try the game using the Word of the Day from yesterday - serene.



Read the next sentence of Chapter 9 Edge of Extinction below:


'These open areas were the main thoroughfares for the larger dinosaurs, and they were dangerous.  Really dangerous' (page 113-114)


What does the word 'thoruoghfares' mean?


Write 3 extended sentences to predict what you think will happen in the next part of chapter 9 Edge of Extinction.


Topic - History


In term one we learnt about Ancient Greece, In term 2 we learnt about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and in term 4 we learnt about the Indus Valley. 


Today, I would like you to select one period of history that we have studied and imagine what it would be like to go to that time on a holiday.  When someone decides where they would like to go on holiday the often look at travel brochures to find out what a place is like and whether it is the sort of place they would like to spend their time.  Your task is to create a Time Travel Brochure based on your chosen point in history that is interesting, exciting and informative.   I have added an example travel brochure below to give you some ideas.  If you have a printer you may want to print of some pictures to add to your brochure but don't worry if you don't you can always add some drawings of your own as an alternative.   Send me a photo of your completed time travel brochure and it can be added to the class photo book.

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