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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good morning Ganymede,


Yesterday we had a lovely chat about our fun in the snow on Sunday and a few of you have sent in some photos of your snowmen. I would love to see some more and post them onto our 'snow day' slideshow. We also had a first zoom call and it was so lovely to see some of your faces yesterday despite not being able to see mine. I have fixed the problem so fingers crossed Wednesday will be better. Lot's of things to get right so you need to be patient with poor old Miss Evans. Thank you for the fun zoom session.


Let's get started.


Before you start your learning today make sure you sign the remote learning register by clicking here.


Below is your timetable for the day.

Morning challenge


Let's start the day with some brain exercises - How many challenges can you complete today?

Zumba Dance Party

Zumba Dance Party


Write a new title in your Home Learning Journal to separate your learning tasks.


Now can you answer these questions in your Home Learning Journal:

  1. In the first line; what was drawing closer?
  2. Where did Sika aim the sled?
  3. What did the pugs do when they heard Sika and Shen coming?
  4. Who opened the dog food?
  5. How did Shen feel when the dogs were eating.


These are different spellings same sound:   o  oa  oe  ow  ou   ough   o-e


Say the sounds and read the words:  although     okay     alone 


Write them in a sentence.  Is it silly?


Read the following story now:



Which words have the /oe/ sound?  Can you find all the words. If you are able print out the story please can you reread it and highlight all the words with the /o/ sound.