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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello Callisto Class and welcome to day 2 of our Home Learning Page. 


I can see that lots of you signed the register yesterday and hopefully you were able to complete some of the tasks set for you.  There is a section on the register where you can ask questions or make comments - so if you are finding anything really tricky or have particularly enjoyed one of the tasks please let us know.


The maths yesterday was challenging so I have added a 'Properties of Shape' Knowledge Organiser to help you understand some of the key vocabulary.  In addition to this there is also a link to the year 5 writing mat that may help you when completing your English tasks.



Follow the link below to take part in a 30 minute home workout with Joe Wicks - a great way to feel energised as we start the day!


Properties of Shape Knowledge Organiser


Year 5 Writing Mat

Yesterday you were asked to write a narrative based on the image above. 


Today I would like you to focus on how we can develop our narrative using dialogue.  We know that there are two strangers currently being escorted to Castle Midnight by the coachman.  Imagine and write the dialogue between the two characters: perhaps they are plotting their escape, perhaps they are discussing the reason for their imprisonment or maybe they are on their way to the 'Master' to ask for his help, perhaps you have a fantastic idea for the conversation that I haven't thought of!


Remember to write successful dialgoue:

  • inverted commas should mark the words that are spoken aloud
  • vary your verb choice, 'said is dead' there are lots of words that are more entertaining and meaningful you can use instead
  • create atmosphere through the conversation - make it clear how the characters are feeling



At the end of Chapter 6 in 'Edge of Extinction' Sky is planning to escape the compound and go topside in search of her Father.  Write a diary entry from Sky's perspective on the day of her escape.

Topic - History


Create a poster that informs people about a key aspect of life in Ancient Greece.  It could be linked to: trade, the God/Goddesses, key people, the way of life in different towns or politics.  I am sure you will have many more topic ideas of your own.  If you need to the Ancient Greece Knowledge Organiser is on the main web page and this may help you remember some of the key areas of our learning.