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Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hello and Good Morning Callisto Class


Don't forget to sign the daily register and let me know how you are getting on.  I am particularly interested in how you find today's maths as we are starting a new unit.  Write any questions you have on the register and I will answer them on tomorrow's page.





Yesterday was a return of the Wheel of Fortune workout with longer activity time and shorter rest periods and I for one found it particularly challenging - let me know on the register how you did.


Follow the link to find today's workout -



Begin today's lesson by completing the Fluent in Five calculations below in you Home Learning Journal.  Remember to set yourself a 5 minute time limit.



Write down the 4 digit number shown

Add 5, 425

Subtract 2, 455

Multiply by 4

Divide by 3


Before you begin today's new learning take a look at the Knowledge Organiser below to support you with your learning.

Area and Perimeter Knowledge Organiser

Our new learning is Area and Perimeter and builds on our previous learning on measures. 


In Lesson 1 we are focusing on calculating the perimeter of simple shapes - remember perimeter = the measurement around the outside of the shape.  


The In Focus task asks you to create a figure (shape) using a rectangle and a triangle and then find the perimeter.  In the Let's Learn slides our friend show us different figures that can be made and show the measurements of each side so you can see how they worked out the perimeter. 


In the Guided Practice task you are asked to work out the perimeters yourself.  As you do not have the text book to measure the shapes here is the information you need to help you with this:


  • the long edge of the green rectangle is 5cm long and the short edge is 4 cm long
  • each edge of the square in 3cm


Show how you would calculate the perimeter of the 3 shapes in your Home Learning Journal.  when you have finished try worksheet 1 on page 131 and 132 in your workbook.  You will find the answer sheets at the bottom of the page.




Area and Perimeter slides



In class throughout the year we have been exploring writing for different purposes.  Can you let me know on the class register what the 4 writing purpose are?


Look at the Knowledge Organiser below to remind yourself of the key features of writing for one of these purposes.


Your task today is to gather some information and plan ideas to use in your writing.  Use a whole page in your Home Learning Journal to construct a spider diagram.  Your town should be written in the centre and then draw lines from this to the following headings: location, facts about this town, important places to visit, reasons to visit, landscape, weather.  You can use ideas of your own to add further heading if you want to.  Under each heading list at least one thing you could write about in your next writing task.

Writing to Inform



Read the remaining pages of Chapter 10 from Edge of Extinction - why do you think Todd was smirking at the end of the chapter?

In your Home Learning Journal create a character profile for Todd by drawing a picture of what you imagine he looks like and adding information based on what we have learnt about him by reading chapter 10.



Read today's sentences and identify the grammatical feature that is underlined.  Use the scrambled letters to help you and reorganise them to spell out the grammatical feature.  Remember to keep a note of the numbered letters.





Visit Spelling Frame using the following link and play today's free game to practice your spellings


If you are unable to access the site practice spelling the following words 3 times in your Home Learning Journal










Today I would like you to create a name bug like the ones below:


You will need:

Some plain paper

A pencil

A coin

A black pen or marker

Some brightly coloured pens, pencils or paints  


What to do:

Start by folding your chosen paper in half lengthwise, creasing the fold with your finger, and opening the paper back up.

Write your name in a cursive style (joined) on the crease line using a pencil, making sure the letters touch the line and the writing is large enough to take up a lot of the paper.

Then, fold the paper back up and use a coin or other object to rub against the paper to transfer the pencil marks to the other side.

Open it up, and your name is on the other side!

Now take your black pen and trace over your name on both sides. 

You may want to use your black pen to thicken up some of the lines but make sure that whatever you do on one side, you do on the other.

When the writing lines on both sides match, go ahead and turn your paper sideways, and you have a little bug!

To finish your bug use your imagination to colour your bug and add features such as eye, wings or antennae.


Don't forget to send us a picture of your finished artwork for our class photobook -




Taking care of our own well being is an important part of being healthy.  Each day I encourage you to take part in Joe Wicks daily workout for your physical health so today I would like you to try the following activity in order to take care of your mental health too.



When you have finished spend some time about thinking how amazing you are by completing some of the sentences below in your Home Learning Journal.  


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