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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good Morning Callisto Class


Welcome to today's Home Learning Page - I hope you are managing to keep up with your daily learning and also finding some time to enjoy the lovely weather we are having.


Remember to sign in on the daily register - it is always good to see your names popping up on screen and thank you for all your messages.  Remember you can ask questions about your learning and I will answer them on our page as soon as I can.





Yesterday's 'Higher or Lower' workout challenge made us all have to work hard - today we will be hoping for an easy workout.  Join us this morning for our daily workout with Joe and Rosie by following the link below:





Today, as we near the end of our unit on measures we will be thinking about reading scales and telling the temperature in Lesson 14. 


The In focus task shows us the temperature in 4 different European countries and asks us how cold they are?  In the Let's Learn Slides our friends Eliot, Hannah and Amira show us how to read each temperature.  Some of the temperatures are below zero and we call these numbers negative numbers.  In your Home Learning Journal follow the Guided practice questions and explore negative numbers by completing the number line and writing the temperature.


When you are ready complete worksheet 14 on pages 125 and 126 of your workbook.  You will find the answer pages at the bottom of the page.




Castle in the Snow


Today's task is to write a story about the image in the picture.


Imagine that you are the hero who has been sent to find the treasure.  Write the story of how you rescued the treasure.  


Remember to

yesmake use of adverbials to add detail about what, where, when and how things happened.

yesuse paragraphs to structure your story (new idea = new paragraph)

yesdescribe characters and settings with awareness of the reader (show don't tell sentences)



Today I would like you to read a poem from 'The Book of Hopes'.  Follow the link below to find the book


Then use the arrows to find page 22 and read 'A Way to the Stars' by David Almond.  


Draw a series of pictures to show the different ways they boy and his dad tried to get to the stars.



Try to recall some of the words with the 'ough' string we were learning last week.  Read each definition and write the word that matches the definition - remember it will have the 'ough' string in it.


1. to complete; careful and detailed = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

2. as much or as many as required = _ _ _ _ _ _ 

3. something that has been purchased from a shop = _ _ _ _ _ _ 




Today I would like you to go on a scavenger hunt for words using a dictionary.  If you don't have a dictionary at home there are many dictionaries you could use online.  Record your learning in your Home Learning Journal.


Your mission today is to find:

  • 3 words with exactly 9 letters
  • 3 adverbs beginning with e
  • the meaning of the word - memorable

Topic - RE


It is currently the month of Ramadan for people of Islamic faith.  Follow the link below to learn all about what that means for Muslims.  When you have finished create a poster in your Home Learning Journal to show what you have learnt.


Topic - Art


Tomorrow is a bank holiday to celebrate VE day - Victory in Europe - which we have been learning about this week.  In 1945, as part of the first celebrations of VE day people made bunting to hang across the streets and on their houses.  Today's art task is to design some bunting of your own to hang up at home to mark VE Day.


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