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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Thursday 4th June 2020

Good Morning Callisto Class


I hope you enjoyed taking part in yesterday's Wiltshire Virtual School Games - you can send any of your videos or written work to as we would love to see how you got on.  Look out for some new activities next week.


Remember to sign the daily register before you start today's tasks.



Get going today with a workout with Joe -


If you are looking for something different here are some alternatives you could try:


Join Jumping Jax Gym for a 25 minute workout -

Try Yoga for Kids! -

Zumba Fitness 20 minute beginners workout -



Fluent in Five

Use a phone to set yourself a timer and see how many of the calculations you can complete in 5 minutes.  If you complete them all try drawing your answer in counters or set yourself a 2 step calculation using the start number.


What is the 4 digit number shown.              
Add 12, 468.
Subtract 947. 
Multiply by 4.
Divide by 4.


Today is our last lesson on Measuring Area and Perimeter so we will be having a go at a Mind Workout activity.  If you have some squared paper or a ruler you might like to explore the task practically and make each of the shapes to help with you thinking.  Remember you are calculating the perimeter which is the measurement around the outside of each shape.  There is also a Mind Workout worksheet to try on page 151 of your workbook - the answers are at the bottom of the page.



On Tuesday we practised our handwriting using a pangram.  Today I would like you to have a go at creating a pangram of your own - remember a pangram is a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet.


Imagine a night


Begin by thinking about the following questions


  • What do you like about your nights?
  • What is darkness? How does it make you feel?
  • What makes a night good? (campfire, sleepovers, star gazing, bedtime stories, dreams, carnivals, movies)


Now write an entry in your Home Learning Journal that describes your perfect night.



Read the next installment of Edge of Extinction Chapter 12.




Why do you think it is important for the tree dwellers to 'stay off the government's grid'?  Write your answers in your Home Learning Journal.





Earlier this week we were using the word or the day 'timid' in 3 sentences of our own.  Today I would like you to use a dictionary to find 5 antonyms for the word timid.  You can use a dictionary of your own or an online dictionary to help you.  Remember an antonym is a word with an opposite meaning - for example the antonym of hot is cold, the antonym of long is short, the antonym of happy is sad.



Select a different spelling activity to practice spelling this week's homophones.



Rainbow write


write each word 3 times using different colours of the rainbow                           

ABC Order


Write your word list in alphabetical order                                               

Word Scramble


write each word in a jumbled order and then ask someone at home to unscramble the words








Shortest to longest


Write your word list in order from the shortest word to the longest word

Syllable segments


Show the syllable in each word in your spelling list

Sentence strings


How many of your spelling words can you use in one single sentence?



Explorers were expected to discover new lands, break records and map the world for future travellers. It was a dangerous but exhilarating opportunity for adventurers, whatever their social class, to advance scientific knowledge, acquire new mineral and agricultural resources and to make their own fortunes. Still, even those that succeeded often paid for their bravery with their lives.  Sir Francis Drake was one of many famous British explorers.  Take a look at the tasks below and select 3 to complete in your Home Learning Jorunal.





Get ready for our new learning on Animals and their habitats by reading the knowledge organiser below.


Now try this activity.  Look at the habitat images below - List as many similarities and differences as you can in your Home Learning Journal.


Which is the Odd One Out?

Explain which one you think it the odd one out giving your reason - there are no right and wrong answers for this task!

Knowledge Organiser - Living things and their habitats

Maths Answer Page