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Thursday 30th April 2020

Good Morning Callisto, welcome to Thursday's Home Learning page. 


Hello to Ellie - I am well but my legs are aching a little bit today as I did the Joe Wicks workout yesterday and must have done about a million squats!  I am busy working at home this week updating the website and trying to do some wallpapering - I will add a photo when I finish.


Well done to yesWeronika who named the longest river in the UK - Look at today's PE block to find my next world quiz question.


I have added a special challenge to our learning pages today - hidden within the learning blocks are the makaton sings for 8 letters of the alphabet.  Can you find all 8 letters and rearrange them to form an 8 letter word?  Here is the first letter (not the first letter in the word though)

Let me know your answers on the register or using the class email.


A big thank-you to laughMarko, laughNicole, laughAndrew, laughMiley, laughManerva and laughEllie who have all sent photos of their home learning this week - it is always exciting to get new photos showing what you have been doing - so please keep them coming.  Take a look through our Class Photo Book at the top of the page to see what your friends have been doing.


Our TT Rockstars battle is close and both groups have been in the lead at some point this week - there is plenty of time to help your group win as the battle continues until Tuesday 4th May.   The current scores are Boys 6, 574 vs Girls  4, 630 - Let's see what happens today!



Find today's PE with Joe at -


Try and encourage someone else at home to join in with you or ask an adult to take a photo of you during the workout and send it to


Todays World Quiz question is ... Can you name the 4 capital cities of the UK? 




Today we are doing lesson 9 of converting measures and we will be focusing on time.  There are 5 lessons that focus on converting units of time and in Today's lesson we will be thinking about how to convert years and months into just a number of months and vice versa, a number of months into years and months.  So remember 12 months = 1 year.


Today's In Focus tasks asks us whether Hannah or Ravi's baby brother is older - this is challenging because their ages are given using different forms.  As with all comparisons we need to convert the ages we are given into the same unit of measure in order to answer the question. 


Look at the Let's Learn slides to see how our friends Charles and Emma use different methods to do this.  When you have finished try to answer the Guided Practice questions in your Home Learning Journal - remember to use a subheading, underline it and present your work neatly.  Then complete worksheet 9 on page 115 and 116 in your workbook.  Look for the answer sheets at the bottom of the page.



Today I would like you to take part in a special extended writing task.  Year 5 teachers across the country are asking their pupils to do the same writing task at home this week and I would like us to join in.  As lots of people will see your writing remember your perfect presentation and take you time with your task.


We have been doing quite a lot of work recently on descriptive writing and sentence structure and yesterday we were answering questions about the image below.


Remember to try and include these things in your writing

yesuse a range of different sentence structures to vary your writing and add detail

yesinclude examples of figurative language

yesuse a range of powerful verbs, adjective and adverbs to create atmosphere

yesuse your sense to build strong images


Your writing task is to write your own description of a storm at sea.  Your writing must be hand written and you should not put your name in the writing.  Write your description on one A4 page only and allow yourself up to 40 minutes to complete your task.  When you have finished make sure you read it back and check it makes sense and you have punctuated your writing accurately.


When you have finished your writing ask an adult to take a clear photo of your writing - please note that photos must be taken in portrait -  and send it to 


If you are receiving paper copies of your learning you can still complete the task. Just ask an adult to send us a photo of your writing using a mobile phone and send it in an email to our class address.  Alternatively, you can ask the person who delivers your learning to school to drop it off in the office.  




Read the last 4 pages below from Chapter 9 Edge of Extinction. 


When you have finished create a time line of events showing what happened to Sky and Shawn during the chapter.  You can use words, pictures or words and pictures to create your timeline.



Here is an example timeline to give you an idea.



Write an acrostic poem using the word 'serene'.  Remember an acrostic poem uses each letter of the word to start the next line or sentence of the poem.





Can you unscramble all the 'ough' words in the list below?

Topic - Science


Today's science task is all about forces at work and we will be investigating floating and sinking.  Watch this short clip from BBC bitesize before you begin:   


For Today's task you will need:

tin foil


a bowl of water 

some coins (pennies work well)



1. Use the scissors to carefully cut 2 rectangles of the same size out of the tin foil.

2. With the first piece of tin foil create a boat shape that will float in water and has space to hold the cargo of pennies.

3. In your Home Learning Journal create a table like the one below and draw a diagram of your first boat and predict how many pennies you think it will hold before it sinks.


My Design 

Boat 1

My prediction  
Actual number of pennies  


4.  Put your boat into the water and test your prediction - count the actual number of pennies it held before sinking and add the result to your table.

5.  Think about how you could change your design to enable your boat to hold more pennies and write your ideas in your Home Learning Journal.

6.  Use the second piece of foil to make your new boat design.

7. Add your new design and your new prediction to your table.

8. Test your new boat in the water and count how many pennies it held before sinking and add the result to your table.


Answer the following questions in your Home Learning Journal based on your investigation:


Which design held the most pennies?

Why do you think that boat held most pennies?

Can you explain why something floats using the words: gravity and upthrust?

Can you explain why something sinks? 

If you were to create a third boat, what would you do differently?



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