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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning Callisto - and welcome to day 9 of home learning.


Remember to sign in using the register and share any comments, questions or difficulties you may have and I will answer them here on our class web page.  As it is Thursday please use the register to let me know how many reads you have done this week.


Our class email in another way for you to share your learning - so send in your writing, pictures or photos and we can create a photo book of what you have been doing.  Send your learning to or just send a email to let me know how you are getting on.


Our TT Rockstar battle with Oberon finishes today at 12.00, the current scores are Oberon: 10, 644 vs Callisto: 16, 163, but Miss Dignan has encouraged Oberon to battle hard this morning and surprise us by winning at the last minute - so we need everyone to log on and earn some last minute points.  Come on Callisto - I know you can do it!


On a final note - Happy belated birthday wishes to Nicole, who turned 10 on Tuesday, a big well done to Harley, who has been learning to cook and Hello to Manerva, who has been accessing home learning every day so far!



Get active and choose a link to follow for a daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks - Can you spot the 3 differences?

(I did wink!) (Wednesday 1st April recorded workout) - I took part in this workout yesterday and have to say I like the 'Lionel Messi'  but found the 'burpees' my biggest challenge so far! (live stream at 9.00am)



Our TT Rockstars battle with Oberon ends today - so spend 10 minutes earning some points to help Callisto to victory. 


Today we are looking a reflections again and using our knowledge of co-ordinates to help us describe the position of shapes after the reflection.  Look at the slides below.


In Let's Learn 1 our friend Charles is showing how the vertices of right angled triangle move when reflected on a horizontal line - Can you identify the new co-ordinates for reflected triangle? Remember to read the x axis co-ordinate first and then the y axis co-ordinate. 


In Let's Learn 2 Amira is showing us how the same triangle reflects on a vertical line and explains how the co-ordinates change.  Can you answer Elliot's Question?


In Guided Practice 1 you are asked to write the co-ordinate for a triangle that has been reflected in the horizontal and vertical line.  Remember to focus on one vertices (point) at a time.  Begin by reflecting A and count how far away from the vertical line line it is and count the same distance on the other side of the line to find the new co-ordinate.  Record your work in your Home Learning Journal - you might write something like - A starts at (1,3) and reflects to (7,3).


When you have finished looking at the slides complete worksheet 4 on pages 84 and 85 of your workbook.



Today our learning focuses on a new image called 'Disappearing World' - start by looking closely at the image and writing a list of 10 things you notice about the image.  Then complete the activities in the table below the image.



Disappearing World

Question Time -

Begin to think of ideas for your story

writing by answering the following questions. 

Remember to answer each question in a

full sentence giving as much detail as possible.

Who is the figure in the distance?

Do they have anything to do with the disappearance of the street?

Why do you think there is a door in the middle of the road?

Do you think there is anyone living in the houses?

What do you think is underneath the road?


Sick Sentences - these 3 sentences are dull

and boring.  Try improving them by:

yesusing a fronted adverbial

yesusing expanded noun phrases

yesusing a relative clause beginning with who, which or that

yesusing a subordinating conjunction to add

details (A WHITE BUS)

The door opened and the light shone through.


The buildings were disappearing.


There was a figure.




Over the last 3 days you have read Chapter 8 of Edge of Extinction.  If you need to refer to any of the pages they are all available below.  Answer at least 3 of the following questions in your Home Reading Journal:

Vocabulary "OK, Shawn Michael Reilly." I huffed.  "Spill it. what are you doing here?"  What does the word 'huffed' tell us about how Sky is feeling?
Inference In the opening pages of Chapter 8 Sky "nodded as guilt tugged at her guts."  Why was she feeling guilty? (pg 99 - 100)
Prediction Sky and Shawn have left the compound in search of her father - Do you think they will succeed in finding him?
Explain On page 108 Sky and Shawn are talking about sunburn - Explain why Shawn says "I always thought that was just a myth."
Retrieve What name did Sky give the tiny dinosaur they met in the trees? (pg 112)
Summarise Summarise the story so far in no more than 30 words.




Follow the link below to practice spelling some further words ending in -able or -ible.


Click on the spelling tiles page, which is free to access, and try spelling some of our focus words using 'Type It'.


If you are unable to access the site practice spelling the words below, show how each word can be broken into syllables and use each word in a sentence.









Today I would like you to create a noun alphabet. Start by writing down each letter of the alphabet in your

Home Learning Journal.  Now write a noun for each letter of the alphabet.  Look around your house or garden for ideas.  Remember nouns are naming words they can name objects, people, places  or feelings.  

Topic - History


Take a look at the brain teaser below and use the image to help you crack the Viking code.  When you have cracked the code write the message into your Home Learning Journal and try the challenge below.


Challenge: create your own message in Viking runes and ask someone at home to decode it - did they get the message right?




Viking Runes