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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good Morning Callisto and happy St George's Day to you all.   Check out the clip below to find out more about St George's Day. 


Remember to sign in before you start today's learning and as an additional challenge today use the register to let me know which famous writer was born on this day!  


yesWell done to Weronika who correctly identified the missing number in my special challenge yesterday smiley - however she gave her answer in English - so today's challenge is who can be the first person to send me the answer in French!


Weronika also reminded me to post the answer to the maths we have done so far this week so I have added the answer sheets at the bottom of our class page.  Your parents can send a message to the office and get a special link to Maths No Problem where they will find a range of support pages to help you with your learning. 


Thank you to Ellie, Nicole and Manerva for their home learning photos - you can see what they have been doing in our class photo book.  Send pictures of what you have been doing at home to


Our TT rockstar battle with Ganymede has been extended and we now have two days to get in front of them.  Our current score is 5,038  vs Ganymede who are in the lead with 6,691.  We are catching up slowly but we need everyone in Callisto to play today at the start of their maths session so we can narrow the gap.



Take 30 minutes to begin your day with a range of physical activities - use the link below to take part in a daily workout with Joe Wicks - We are having a go in school and will be trying to get Joe to give us a shout out in tomorrow's session.


We have decided we would like to challenge Mrs Inman, who said she was a 'whizz' at the 'Pikachu's. 

Time yourself for 30 seconds and count how many you can do.  Let us know how many you achieved on the class register or on the class email.



Today our learning focuses on converting between imperial and metric measures of length.


When we measure the lengthmass or capacity of something, we need a standard unit to measure it in. 

In the past, imperial units of measurement were used in the UK. The imperial system has gradually been replaced by the metric system, which is easier to understand as it deals with tens, hundreds and thousands.  You will be more familiar with metric units of measure and may feel baffled by the conversion to imperial units.  Remember this is only one small part of the maths curriculum - give it a go and see how you get on.


  Metric Imperial
Length millimetre, centimetre, metre, kilometre inch, foot, yard, mile
Mass milligram, gram, kilogram ounce, pound, stone
Capacity millilitre, centilitre, litre pint, gallon


Take a look at the following clip to learn more abut how to convert between imperial and metric units of measure -


When you are ready take a look at today's Lets Learn slides and see how our friends explain how the convert inches (imperial unit of length) to cm (metric unit of measure).  Use your Home Learning Journal to have a go at the conversions from feet and inches to metres and centimetres to answer the questions - this is challenging - so use jottings to keep a track of your thinking.  When you have finished have a go at worksheet 4 on pages 105 and 106 in your workbook.



Today I would like you to practice writing extended sentences.  Take a look at the examples below:


Now have a go at extending the sentences below using because, but and so.  Write your new extended sentences in your Home Learning Journal.  Remember to write neatly.





Continue to practice the spelling of words containing the 'ough' letter string by visiting the sight below:


You will be shown the word before it is covered up and then you have to try and remember how to spell the word - remember they all have the 'ough' string in them




Let's play boggle.  You should remember this game as we have played it many times in class. The aim of the game is to make as many words as possible from the 9 letters in the grid below - handy hint: there is at least one word that uses all nine letters.  Write a list of all the words you can find in your Home Learning Journal and then work our your total score.  You could even challenge an adult to play with you.  Let me know what your score was on the register or on the class email.





3-4 letter words = 1 point

5-6 letter words = 2 points

7-8 letter words = 3 points

9 letter word = 5 points



As it is St George's Day read the legend below.  Once you have read the story retell it in a series of 5 pictures. 


Then watch the following clip which tells the story of St George and the Dragon:


Create a table like the one below to show 3 ways in which the stories are similar and 3 ways they are different.


Similarities Differences

In both stories ...

Another similarity is ...

I noticed ...



One way the stories are different ...

In one story ... whereas in the other ...

In the first story ...




St George and the Dragon

Topic - Art


In today's lesson I would like us to create some stunning looking dragon's eyes using the Japanese art of origami.  Origami translates into folding paper and allows us to create some great sculptures.  You will need to listen carefully to the you-tube clip below and follow the instructions with care.  You will also need to be resilient and persevere with this task as it is quite challenging - but it is well worth the effort.  Remember you can pause the clip at any point while you complete each instruction and even repeat sections of the clip if you need to.  The artist in the clip is using oil pastels to colour her eye - don't worry if you do not have these - I used coloured pencils.  Felt tips or crayons would also work.  When your dragons eye is complete hide it in a part of your garden and ask an adult to take a photo so I can add you creations to our class photo book.



Maths Answer Sheets


Please use a green pencil or pen to mark your work and show any corrections just like we do in class.

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