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Physical education

Our beliefs

Physical Education should allow children to develop an enjoyment of physical activity. Our aim should be for every child to identify an area they enjoy and are passionate about (whether that is traditional sports, gymnastics, dance or an alternative way of staying active). All children should understand the benefits of staying fit and healthy, in terms of both physical and mental health, by the time they leave Studley Green. Our children often lack the resilience required in learning and sport should be seen as an opportunity to develop this and other character skills. Children should have the confidence and ability to engage in competitive sports and, through this competition, develop character skills, such as respect, teamwork, resilience and an understanding of fairness. We aim for pupils to: be involved in competitive sports; be engaged in sporting activities for a sustained period of time; enjoy a broad range of physical activities and lead healthy lives.

Our PE curriculum

We have created a bespoke PE curriculum using the Complete P.E. scheme.