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Our beliefs

We teach music because it allows our children to be creative and express themselves through singing, composing, playing and performing. 

Our music curriculum

Our curriculum allows our children to listen, learn and talk about a variety of musical genres. By listening to music our children begin to understand and pick out the dynamics of music. It gives our children the opportunity to explore a wide range of tuned and untuned instruments. 

Our music is taught explicitly as well as being woven into the very core of our curriculum. We are a singing school and love to sing about anything and everything, from friendships to the water cycle. 

With termly music assemblies and a school choir, our children can perform what they have learnt to the rest of the school giving them a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction. It teaches them to be resilient and to face their fears even if singing in front of the school “is scary.”

Music at Studley Green is what gives us common ground. When we stand together and sing, we feel proud and united.