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Governors’ information & duties

Governors are responsible for overseeing the management side of a school: strategy, policy, budgeting, and staffing. They enable their school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside senior leaders and supporting teachers to provide excellent education for children.

Governors' attendance academic year 2023/24

Name Role Appointing Body Term of Office Pecuniary Interests Governance Roles in Other Educational Inst. Material Interests Attendance
Jon Edy-Berry Headteacher Governing Board 9/1/2023   None No None  
Yasmin Hill Parent Parents 5/11/2023 5/10/2027 None No None  
Anna Simpson (Vice Chair) Co-opted Governing Board 3/18/2021 3/17/2025 None No None  
Laura Lloyd Staff Staff 11/26/2020 11/25/2024 None No None  
Allan Mason (Chair) Co-opted Governing Board 8/1/2023 7/31/2027 None No None  
Lucia Statton Parent Parents 5/11/2023 5/10/2027 None No None  
Jo Trigg LA Governing Board 9/24/2020 9/23/2024   No None  
Alison Tyas Partnership Governing Board 1/27/2022 1/26/2026 None No None  
Martin Garrett Co-opted Governing Board 1/11/2024 1/10/2027 None No None  

Governors' attendance academic year 2022/23



Attendance at FGB


9/29/2022 11/24/2022 1/26/2023 3/23/2023 5/11/2023 7/20/2023
Sarah Garbutt Headteacher 6/6
Yasmin Hill Parent n/a n/a n/a x x 1/3
Anna Simpson Co-opted x x 4/6
Laura Lloyd Staff x x 4/6
Allan Mason Co-opted x 5/6
Lucia Statton Parent n/a n/a n/a x 2/3
Jo Trigg LA x 5/6
Alison Tyas Partnership 6/6
Sharon Twiggs Parent Resigned 21/11/22 1/1
Ceri Austin Co-opted x Resigned 11/7/23 4/5
Stephen Uncles (Chair) Co-opted 6/6

Name Role Attendance at T&L/Staffing Total
    9/13/2022 11/10/2022 1/10/2023 3/9/2023 4/25/2023 6/15/2023  
Sarah Garbutt Headteacher 6/6
Allan Mason Co-opted 6/6
Ceri Austin Co-opted 6/6
Laura Lloyd Staff x 5/6
Alison Tyas Partnership x 5/6



Attendance at Finance & Premises


11/10/2022 1/12/2023 3/9/2023 4/27/2023 6/15/2023
Sarah Garbutt Headteacher 5/5
Anna Simpson Co-opted x x 3/5
Jo Trigg LA 5/5
Sharon Twiggs Parent 5/5
Stephen Uncles (Chair) Co-opted x 4/5

Financial information

No school employees have a gross annual salary of £100,000.

Studley Green financial benchmarking page.