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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Luna Class smiley

Today we are in a new month - May!

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and look forward to receiving more emails with your fantastic work this week! 



Can you join in with the song – Five little Men in a Flying Saucer? Make sure you put your five fingers up and take one away each time.

  • This week we are going to be learning all about taking away, this is also called subtraction.  When we take away we always end up with a smaller number than we started with.
  • Have a look at the bus ten frame story below.  It talks about using the language ‘first’, ‘then’ and ‘now’ - just like we did last week when we were adding.
  • Using your ten frames and some small toys can you make up your own take away bus story?  Tell it to your grown up. 
  • For example – ‘First there were 8 toys on the bus, then 2 toys got off, now there are 6 toys left on the bus.
  • You could have a go at writing this in a number sentence that looks like this: 8 – 2 = 6
  • Repeat this activity 3 times.

Reading and phonics


This week we are learning the sound ch. The ch sound has one sound but two letters.


Watch the video. Can you practise writing the sound ch in your book.


(Log-in: student 3601  Password: infinity)


Our book this week is called The big chip.

What do you think they talked about?

Can you remember what the word pal means? 

What would you chat about with your pals?


Please remember to share your reading book with an adult every day. Make sure you are saying the sounds and reading the words.

Can you read this sentence? Remember some are two letters and one sound. Can you draw a picture to go with this sentence?


The twin frogs, Stan and Steff, swim in the sink.





  • Ask a grown up to flash all the letter cards and get you to say the sounds as you see them. 
  • Ask a grown up to flash all the high frequency word cards and get you to say the word you see.


This week we are going to be writing sentences about a different picture each day.

First – look at the picture below and talk to your grown up…use these questions to help you:

  1. What can you see?
  2. Who are the characters?
  3. What do you think is happening?
  4. What might happen next?



  • Now think about some sentences you could write about the picture. How many words in your sentence? Keep saying the words so you remember your sentence. Now write the first word - listen for all the sounds and write them as you hear them. Carry on until you have finished the sentence.
  • Remember to say the words slowly out loud and listen for the sounds in the word and write those down…try not to copy words or trace words that your grown up has written as we want you to be able to listen for the sounds instead of copying them.
  • Once you have written your sentences – read them out loud.

Daily Challenge

  • This week we are going to be finding out about how we use water around the home.
  • Go on a hunt around your house and garden. 
  • Can you find 3 things which provide water? Are there any more things that use water? 
  • Draw and label them in your book.