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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Callist


Happy Star Wars Day - May the 4th be with you!  I hope you all had a lovely, restful weekend and are ready for a new week of home learning.  Please remember to sign in using the daily register and drop me a line to let me know how your learning is going.  Keep sending your photos of home learning as it is a great way to see what everyone is up to while we are apart - our class email is  


Our TT rockstar Boys vs Girls battle ends at 3.52pm today!  The current scores are shown below - let me know today what you would like our next battle to be and I will arrange it.




Start your day with some physical activity - join Joe Wicks and his special guest for today by following the link below:


At the beginning of the session there will be a chance to challenge yourself on 3 key exercises - let me know how you do on the register or using the class email and we can share everyone's results.



Begin your session with 10 minutes of TT rockstars - remember this is your last chance to earn points in our current battle.  For those of you who cannot access TT Rockstars remember to practice your multiplication facts in your times table books.


Today we are looking at Lesson 11 - Converting Units of Time.  So far we have thought about converting between years, months, weeks and days and today we begin to think about converting between hours and minutes. 


Converting time is particularly tricky as there are different relationships between the units of measure - so remember that 1 hour = 60 minutes.  If I want to work out how many minutes there are in 4 hours I would calculate 4 x 60 = 240 which tells me there are 240 minutes in 4 hours.


In today's in focus task we are asked to work out how long a Star Wars film is if both films last a total of 3 hours and 50 Minutes and one is 50 minutes shorter than the other.  This is all the information we need to work out the answer and our Friends show us how to work this out in the Let's Learn slides.  They also use bar models to show their thinking.  Have a go at the guided practice questions in your Home Learning Journal and use bar models to show your thinking.  When you have finished have a go at worksheet 11 on page 119 and 120 in your workbook.


You will find today's answers at the bottom of the page.


The Oak Academy have provided an online lesson on the subject of converting time if you would like to extend your learning further just follow the link below:



Look carefully at the picture below - answer the follow questions in your Home Learning Journal - remember you do not need to write the questions but you do need to answer in full sentences.



Question time


What do you think has caused the destruction all around the tree? 


Why has this one tree survived?


If you walked through the portal, what would happen to you?


If this portal leads to another world, would you go through it or stay on Earth, even if you had no idea what could happen?


Is it good to take risks? Are some risks riskier than others?


Perfect picture!

Imagine you have just walked through the open portal and into the world inside the tree.

Draw a picture and describe what you can see.



Read the opening of chapter 10 from Edge of extinction.  Think about how the extract ends and draw a  picture in your Home Learning Journal to show what you imagine is happening. 








Use the word of the Day in 3 sentences of your own.



Copy the following words into your Home Learning Journal and write a definition of each word:










Can you see a similarity between all the words?


Topic - DT


Today I would like you to investigate the following question - How strong is a piece of paper?

All you will need for this task is 3 sheets of paper, some tape and a pile of books from around the house.


Begin by making 3 differently shaped columns out our your sheets of paper - a square column, a triangular column and and cylindrical column.  The beginning of the video clip shows you how to do this.  Pause the clip while you make your columns.


You will test the strength of each column by placing books on top of each - the strongest column will hold the most books before collapsing. 


Before you begin your test use your Home Learning Journal to predict which column you think will be the strongest?


Watch the rest of the clip - which column was the strongest in the video?  


How many books can you pile on top of each shape? Make sure you record your results in your Home Learning Journal. 


Repeat your test three times -

Do you get the same results every time? 

Was the same shape always the strongest?

if you made the same columns out of card are the results different?


It would be fantastic to see some photos of you working on your DT task - so ask an adult to send a picture to

Topic -Music


Use the login details you were given in your home learning pack to login in to Yumu.


When you have logged in click on the launch button and select 'listen and appraise - Ain't No Mountain High Enough' from the right hand side of the page.  Listen to the song by clicking on the play button and answer the following questions in your Home Learning Journal.


How does this song make you feel?

Does this song tell a story?

What does this song make you think of?

How old is this piece of music?


Then click on 'Games track - Dancing in the Street' and set yourself a personal challenge.


If you have lost your details or are struggling to log in let me know and I will try my best to help you out.

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