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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Monday 30th March 2020

Maths task day 6:


Telling the time/ understanding language of the passing of time.

Use clocks around your home- digital ones on ipads or  cookers or analogue clocks on watches, or wall-clocks if you have one.

  • Draw 3 squares on one page of the learning journal book ( big enough to draw a picture in each  square).
  • Write these words –[ one under each square, in this order]

                     Yesterday     Today      Tomorrow

  • Now draw a picture to show what you did  ( or what you will do) in each of the sqaures  [ some children can write a sentence alongside their picture]
  • Talk about what time they may be having lunch /or what time they will have tea/ go to bed etc.
  • Understanding  the passage of time and then being able to tell the time, involves children learning and remembering  lots of vocabulary.  Please try to use the following  words  as often as possible [ and encourage your child to use them too]:-
    • Yesterday, today, tomorrow, before, now, after, next,
    • Year, month, week, day
    • Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night, mid-night
    • Clock, hands, hour, minute, second, O’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to


English phonic/ writing task:

We are split into 2 groups for our phonics work.

  • If you are in Mrs Masters’ group [ BH SE LL HW RL LB]   then  please complete phonic sheet page 17 - say the sound, write the missing sounds, then read the word
  • If you are in Mrs Osborn’s group [ LL CC CT JT OH ZB], then please use phonic sheet page Unit 2 and again choose DIFFERENT 4 words and write 4 sentences using at least one each of your chosen words


 Use the sound cards in your pack

Find these sounds (All single sounds)  a-z  and try to make as many 3 letter words as possible.



Read your favourite book (from your book bag or one from home).  

Copy one sentence or draw one picture form the book.




We have been learning about the  life cycle of a frog. 

Have a look at this video to remember what you have begun to learn.

 Can you draw the life-cycle ?