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Monday 20th April 2020

Good Morning!

Welcome back to our Home Learning page, I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter break!


Before the holiday I received some brilliant photos from some of you showing me what you were up to at home, I would love to see some more photos or even some emails you have written telling me all about how you are and what you've been doing over the past two weeks. Remember, you can contact me on the email address below - I check it every day smiley



I have set up an Arena challenge, your aim is to complete 5 Arena sessions this week (you'll find them in the multiplayer part of the site) Each Arena session lasts one minute and will allow you to compete against other children in our class - it's every man and woman for themselves this week! 

The questions set in the Arena should be a mixture up to 12x12 for this week, please let me know by email or on the register if there are any problems. 


All of your parents are now able to request access to special guides from Maths No Problem, these guides will give them details of our learning and will also share the answer pages. This means that you can mark your own work and can email me/speak to me on the phone if there are some things you aren't as confident with. 


Task 1: Complete one of your arithmetic pages from our booklet

Task 2: Our next MNP lesson is a bit tricky, so before we move onto that lesson we're going to do some extra practise first. Copy the tables into your learning journals and complete the empty boxes.



1 hour = 60 minutes

1 minute = 60 seconds

1 day = 24 hours















 Question time!

 Tim is sitting in the jeep. How do you think Tim is feeling?

 What has caused the jeep to stop moving?

 Why is he all alone and being chased by a dinosaur?

 Are there other dinosaurs or people close by?

 How will Tim manage to escape?

 If you could bring back the dinosaurs, would you?

 Might it be possible to bring them back one day?


Remember to use full sentences to answer the questions above and make sure your answers are detailed. There should be evidence of conjunctions adverbials in your answers to show how you are developing your ideas and conclusions. 



Read the extract below, from a story written by Matt Haig, then answer the questions.

The extract is written out below, or you can listen to it here: 

There are also some extra helpful questions on that web page if you are struggling, but I think you will all be ok. smiley


Question 1

How does the author use dialogue (speech) to progress the story?

Example answer: "Mum, look - these hairs." This speech shows that Barney is shocked when he sees the hairs, suggesting that they are new. The way he tells his mum to 'look' tells me he might be worried about them. These words progress the story by telling the reader how Barney feels and getting his mum to look at the hairs.

Find some other examples of dialogue in this extract and comment on them, as I have above, in order to        answer question 1. 


Question 2

What do you think is happening to Barney? Explain your predictions.



That was very odd, you falling asleep like that,’ his mum commented. ‘I think we might need to take you to hospital to get you checked out.’

‘I’m all right now. I think I’m feeling better.’

But then, while he sat on the sofa watching TV with his mum, his arms started itching and he began to rub them.

‘Barney, don’t do that. You’ll make them sore,’ Mum said, switching from polar bears to a quiz show.

‘I can’t help it.’ He unbuttoned one of his cuffs, rolled up the sleeve and started to scratch the skin directly. ‘They’re so itchy.’

As he scratched he saw one, then two, then three thick black hairs on his right arm. They were pure jet-black, way darker than his normal mousy mid-brown hair colour, and were arranged like points in a neat line just below his wrist.

‘Mum, look – these hairs.’

‘Oh yes, you’re turning into a man. Well, now that you’re nearly a teenager you’ll be starting to get hairy all over the place.’

‘But they’re weird. They’re black. I don’t have black hair. And they weren’t there yesterday. They weren’t even there this afternoon. I don’t want to turn into a man that quickly.’

She wasn’t listening. She was too busy looking at his forehead. ‘What is it?’ Barney asked her. ‘Oh dear, I’ll just get the tweezers,’ she said, before disappearing up to her bedroom. Meanwhile, Barney went to look in the hallway mirror to see what the matter was. There, right in the middle of his forehead, was another thick black hair.


Mrs A has very kindly shared the task below with us, have a go at creating your own squiggle artwork. Don't forget to send me some photos when you've finished!