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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Monday 11th January

Good morning Callisto! 


Don't forget to sign into the remote register to let us know that you are here and tell us how you are feeling. Your work for today is all set out underneath. There is no set order to how you should complete it, but trying to follow the rough timetable of our school day, may help you. 


Don't forget is you need help or have any questions at all, then please do email us on You can also email us examples of the work you are completing where you may see it in our Friday celebration presentation.  Or you can phone us at school if you would like to speak to one of us. Mrs Maggs will be in on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Inman in on Thursday and Friday. Feel free to leave us a message if we can't speak to you straight away.


Keep doing your best with the home learning, you are all AMAZING and have worked so hard since moving into year 5. Keep going and keep safe. 




Mrs Maggs and Mrs Inman


 Let's get this day moving.


KIDZ BOP Kids - Can't Stop The Feeling! (Dance Tutorial) [KIDZ BOP]

Dance along with The KIDZ BOP Kids and learn the moves to 'Can't Stop The Feeling!' ⬇ Listen to KIDZ BOP ⬇iTunes: Music: htt...


Here are your new spellings for this week, using the suffix 'cious' and 'tious.' Today you will need to practice these using the look, cover, write, check method. 


1. nutritious

2. infectious

3. fictitious

4. suspicious

5. delicious

6. precious

ENGLISH - New section please with the heading of English and the LO written.


LO: I am learning to use relative pronouns and relative clauses.



Today we are going to take some of the sentences from the story 'The game' and add relative clauses to them in order to make the sentences more interesting. The relative pronouns that you will be using are 'who' and 'which.' You will need use a relative pronoun (a word) in order to add more information to the sentence though a relative clause. 


For example.


Danny was excited to play the game.


COULD become


Danny, who was bored and fidgety, was excited to play the game.


Notice the use of punctuation in this sentence to separate the main clause from the subordinate clause. I will be particularly be looking out for correct use of punctuation!



Today we are going to read back through Chapter 2 - Completely Doomed. Then you are going to have a go at answering the question, 'What does Liam love about space'. Remember: these longer questions need more detail so I expect full sentences, with your points backed up with evidence from the text. send your answers into It would be fab to share them, and perhaps even live mark some! 


As I treat, I have recorded the lesson as a video. This is my first attempt - hope you enjoy it!


Completely Doomed

Still image for this video

Completely Doomed


Start with your 3 x tables and then10 minutes of TTRockstars. I have set up a battle between Boys and Girls! 


This week in Maths we are going to exploring methods to multiply 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit, then move onto 2 digit numbers by 2 digits numbers. Today's lesson should be a refresher for you.

You will need to watch the video below and then complete the calculations on the sheet in your books.


SCIENCE - New section with the title of science and LO written please.


LO: To be able to use data to draw conclusions about the sun at different times of the year.


Today we will be exploring the sun in a little more detail. This will involve looking at seasons and how we get them. The sun is much warmer for us at certain times of the year and by the end of the lesson, I would like you to explain why this is. 


Have a look at the slides below to learn more. There is also a link for a video you can watch to help you understand further, The slides will let you know when to watch this video. 






Using details from the slides, write an explanation to tell me why we get seasons. Why is the sun warmer in our country at some times of the year, than at others?


Task part 2: