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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Metis - Year 1

I have loved looking at pictures and watching videos of all the activities you are doing at home! Thank you Lilly-Mai, Toby, Ivy, Connor, Cameron, Ellae, Vanessa, Anastasia, Brooke and Harriet for sending them to me. If you would like to show me something you are doing at home, either a picture or video, email me at:


Looking forward to seeing them!

Miss Broadhead smiley


Look below at all the learning your friends have been getting up to! Well done Metis class.

Hello everybody, I hope you are all managing to have a good Easter whilst still staying safe. I am missing seeing all of your faces. Whilst I have been working from home I have learnt some new Makaton signs to show you all... and in true Miss Broadhead style I have put them to my favourite Disney song. I hope you enjoy watching and hopefully you can pick up a few new signs as well! See you all soon, stay safe. Miss Broadhead


I see the light (Tangled) Makaton Signs

I hope this makes you smile during lockdown :) Missing you all x Miss Broadhead x

Home learning cover letter

Free phonics games

We are Metis Class!

We love to think, try and explore.


Welcome to our class page. Metis Class currently has 25 pupils. We are supported in our learning by our teacher Miss Broadhead and our learning support assistant Mrs Barrett.

frownPlease visit regularly to find out about all of the fun things we have been doing.frown

We have taken on the challenge to create our own smoothies using healthy ingredients. We have taste tested existing smoothies to find the flavours we liked. We then designed, made and evaluated our own smoothies. 


Smoothie making

As part of our keeping safe and healthy topic we have had a visit from Wiltshire's road safety team. We were taught all about how to cross the road safely using a zebra crossing and a puffin crossing. The children enjoyed pressing the traffic lights and waiting for the green man to appear before crossing the road safely. 

Term 4- George's Marvellous medicine (Keeping safe and healthy)

Term 3 - Science Knowledge Organiser

As part of our Paws, claws and whiskers topic, we went to Bristol zoo to see lots of different animals and learn about their habitats. We had such a fantastic day and really enjoyed looking, meeting and even holding the animals. We especially liked seeing the lions and the reptiles.

What is Christmas? Knowledge Organiser

RE- What is Christmas?

As part of our RE topic, we have been learning about how Christians celebrate Christmas. We have acted out the Christmas story by playing key characters and sharing key events that happened in the Christmas story. 

Our own election

We have spent time learning about the General election and why it is an important event. We learnt about democracy and how to participate in a vote. We all got to choose 2 children (who had nominated themselves) to be our new school councilors for 2020. Well done Luna and Ivy for being successfully voted in.
Our trip to the cinema
We have been very lucky to visit the Odeon cinema as part of the Into film festival 2019. We got to watch Angry birds 2 which we all loved and thought showed how working as a team can make you achieve great things. 
Look what we got up to at John of Gaunt Multi skills afternoon.

Term 2 -Are you afraid of the dark?

We have been looking at the different seasons and understanding how seasons happen. We have had lots of discussions about which season is our favourite and why and also about different clothes we wear in each season because of the weather and temperature.
The season we are in at the moment is Autumn. We have been observing closely to look for signs of Autumn around our school. We saw that the leaves have changed colour and are now red, brown and yellow and they are starting to fall of the trees.

Explorer dome

We were very lucky to have our very own space explorer dome come and visit us this term. We got to learn all about the sun, moon and stars inside. It was fantastic! 

Space Rockets!

This term we have been learning all about space and the first moon landing. We have enjoyed creating our own versions of the Apollo 11 spacecrafts in DT. 

Term 1 - Destination Outer Space

Term 6- Oh I do love to be beside the seaside

Look at what we have been learning about this term.  We have had lots of visitors ...

Topic letter Term 5


We were so lucky to be invited to Nando’s this term to finish off our learning about chickens. We learnt about how chicken helps us to have a balanced diet and why some people choose to eat it as a source of protein. We really enjoyed designing our own burger, making it AND eating it. 

As part of our science learning this term we are having some eggs to care for and look after.  We are very Egg-cited!

Thursday 7th March World Book Day

We had a great day: dressing up as our favourite book characters, reading stories, making new characters and writing stories.  We really were authors and illustrators.  We also have a new challenge for the next 4 weeks we are trying to read for 200 million minutes with lots of other schools across the country.  Please remember to record all the minutes that you read on your bookmarks.  Every minute counts! 

Term 4:  What came first the chicken or the egg?

This term we will continue to learn about animals: a variety of types, life cycles and food chains.  We are very excited to be making real life observations of eggs hatching and developing within the classroom from 11th March to 22nd March.  Please feel free to come into a have a look after school.  

Congratulations Metis class your holiday challenge and home learning was marvellous.  We will be able to look after our egg and chicks safely. frown

Term 3 Happy New Year!

Knock, knock who's there?


Over the next 6 weeks we will be exploring a range of different materials and visiting a glass workshop where we will have the opportunity to learn more about glass and create our own piece of glass art work. We will also be learning to retell The Three Little Pigs story and writing our own version. 


Tuesday 12th February     Glass artwork gallery:


We were so excited to share our glass artwork, that we created a few weeks ago, to the rest of the school. We were so brave talking to lots of older children and adults about how we had made our artwork and being able to answer their questions. 

Comptons Glass workshop

Term 3 topic letter Knock knock who's there?

31.1.2019  We had a marvelous time at our Glass workshop today.  We learnt all about how to create great pieces of art out of glass and got to cut, break and join glass and other materials.  Hopefully very soon you will be able to see what we created.  

Term 2

Rainbows at our fingertips!

Over the next 7 weeks we will be exploring our artistic nature in many different ways.  Metis class will be exploring different media and medium to create a variety of pictures and crafts.  Metis class will also be exploring why we are remembering Bonfire night and the Centenary of World War I ending.  Please read our topic letter below to find out more frown

Metis class had an amazing time at the Odeon on Monday 12th November watching Hotel Transylvania 3. We loved it so much, that when we got back to class we wrote all about the film and even painted pictures of our favourite characters!

Just arrived at the cinema

Important news Metis and Pandora class will be visiting the Odeon Cinema on Monday 12th November to watch Hotel Transylvania 3.  To see the official trail visit below:

Rememberance Day

Metis Class have been learning about WW1 this term and why it is important to remember the soldiers that died to protect our country. We all made poppies for Remembrance Sunday.

Term 1

For the whole school culture weeks we will be learning all things French.  If you have been or know some french please let us know.

Superheroes:  What superpower would you have?

Our learning will be based on Supertato, Aisha the Superhero Princess and Handa's surprise.

Topic letter for Term 1

We learnt road safety

24. 9. 2018 We had an amazing Superheroes in training day!

In forest school we have been very busy looking for signs of autumn! September 2018

We are building on our learning skills by trying, thinking and exploring!  To support us in this we have Thinkasaurus, Explorasaurus and Tryasaurus.

Characteristics of learning