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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning Metis!



Every morning at 9am Joe Wicks streams a live PE lesson - tune in here if you can!



Write the answers to the following questions in your Home Learning Journal.

1.    I have 12 sweets. How many different ways can you share them into equal groups?

2.    True or false? If I share 15 balls between 4 people each person will have an equal amount. (Draw a picture to show your working out.)

3.    Prove it! 16 shared by 2 is 8.


4.    True or false? My answer will always be even if I share a number between 2. Show me your working out.


5.    Convince me! 20 toys can be shared equally between 2, 4, 5 and 10 people.



Read a book from home, listen to a story on Storyline Online or login in to Oxford Owl here. Click on 'My class login' and enter the username: studley password: studley



Can you spot the rhyming words in the story? In your Home Learning Journal write down any rhyming pairs you can find. e.g. wood / good.


This week we will be filling in a wellbeing journal every day. Don't worry if you can't print the sheet, you can just write the answers to the questions in your Home Learning Journal.