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Our school is a unique, happy and special place. Within the heart of the community, it is where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow and develop into confident and successful individuals. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Friday 5th February



celebration 5th feb - Callisto

PE - Let's get moving for the last day of the week!



8 Minute Kids Workout With Spiderman | The Body Coach TV

Try this 8 minute kids workout with Spiderman



Today is your speed spell day. You need a timer and pen and a piece of paper. Set the timer to 1 minute for each word and see how many times you can spell that word in 1 minute. Then do the same for the next word. At the end, count up all the words you have spelled correctly and send me your score. Have you beaten last weeks score?


1. innocence

2. decent

3. confidence

4. substance

5. balance

6. tolerance



We will be using Thrill ride of the century today again. Re-read the chapter again (remember: you can listen to Mrs Inman read it too from Wednesday).

Then we are going to answer these questions. 


  • Why is Liam disappointed at the end of the chapter? Give TWO reasons, backing your answers up with the text;
  • Why do you think that the mission is secret? Give TWO reasons from the text


For both of these questions you will need to give TWO different reasons, and a quote from the text to explain. We did this last week. Here are some language structures to help you.


  • I think that Liam is disappointed because...
  • I also think...
  • From the text clues …
  • Based on what I know/have read I think …
  • The information makes me think that …
  • The text evidence suggests … for example …


I would like you to submit your answers so I can mark them via this google form.


Google Form -


ENGLISH - New section with the title of 'English' and LO written please.


LO: I am learning how to use an apostrophe for singular and plural possession.


Today is our grammar lesson. We are continuing with our work on apostrophes for possession, but today, we are probing a bit deeper into the difference between apostrophes for singular possession and apostrophes for plural possession.


Watch the video below which explains a bit more and see if you can learn the trick. This will help you when you come to do your task.


George Explains...Plural Possessive Apostrophes

Anchor Creative Education - ROCK 'N' ROLL GRAMMAR & PHONICS!In this video, George explains how to use PLURAL possessive apostrophes in your writing!➡ https:/...



Now you have watched the video, have a go at the task below. Make sure you write the sentences neatly in your book. If you wish to change the noun from the examples given, that is absolutely fine, just make sure you re-read your sentences to make sure that they make sense. 


Here is the link if you prefer to download and print your own copy of the task. 


Plural apostrophes


Start with TT Rockstars and then your 3 times tables, and then Fluent in 5 


Today we are carrying on with our Dividing lessons.

Watch this video and work your way through this.


Then, I would really like to see how you are getting on so I can plan next week, and celebrate your amazing learning, so can you complete the Deepening Understanding quiz - Dividing with remainders







Today we are going to create your backgrounds for your Peter Thorpe inspired pictures. Let's look again at the original art work.


Like our Roger Dean pictures, we are really going to focus on the background today. We will complete the foreground next week


Paint The Background

Taking inspiration from the various techniques used by Peter Thorpe, paint the background environment of your spaceship on your paper (this will have been delivered for those of you at home).


These video may give you further inspiration - upto 8 minutes -



Remember to send me pictures at


Peter Thorpe Art