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Friday 24th April 2020

Good Morning Callisto and Welcome to Friday's Home Learning Page.


smileyWell done to Weronika who correctly identified the missing number in french but Eric Edelstien was not the famous writer I was thinking of in yesterday's St Geroge's day challenge.  I'll give you a clue - this famous writer wrote plays that are still performed today and my personal favourite is Macbeth!


smileysmileyA double well done to Alexander who also identified the missing french number and found the 9 letter word in boggle.  smiley Well done to Ellie who sent me an email to tell me what the 9 letter word was!  I loved hearing from you all!


Hello to Miley who gets a smiley for letting me know how much reading she has been doing - but I'm sorry I haven't received your pictures of learning - maybe you could try and send them again as I'd love to see them!  


Max I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with TT Rockstars - maybe it keeps crashing as so many Callisto class member are trying to get on to beat Ganymede!  However here is a smiley for your perseverance as you keep trying!


Our TT Rockstar battle with Ganymede finishes at the end of school today - so we need everyone in Callisto to get as many points as possible today if we are going to beat the Year 3's.  The current scores are so close - Callisto have 7,497 vs Ganymede's 8,164 - there are only 667 point between the classes.  Let the battle begin!


To keep us active on TT Rockstars I have set up a Callisto class battle -  the battle is Callisto Boys vs Callisto Girls - I wonder who will win?  The battle begins tomorrow and you will have 11 days to score points to help your team - Good Luck! 



Today is 'Fancy Dress Friday' on Joe Wicks daily workout - so if you have a costume put it on and get active - don't worry if you don't you can still take part.  Use the link below to find the daily PE session:


Some of us took the 'Pikachu' challenge in school by counting how many pikachu jumps we could do in 30 seconds.   Look at the chart to see how we did:]


Louie 29
Isabelle 28
Miss B 23


Why don't you try it at home and let us know how you did by sending us the number of jumps you did on the register and we will add you to our chart.



Begin by playing TT Rockstars for 10 minutes - this is our last chance to beat Ganymede so all the points you earn matter. 


Today we will be looking at lesson 5 of converting measures with a focus on mass. 


Mass is a measure of how heavy an object is and we use grams and kilogram when measuring.  Look at the clip below to help you understand how to convert between different metric units of mass.


When you are ready look at the Let's Learn slides to see what mass our friends are trying to convert and how they go about it.  Have a go at the Guided Practice questions in your Home Learning Journal before completing worksheet 5 on pages 107 and 108 of your workbook. 





Lesson 5 - Converting Mass



A sentence has to have a subject and a verb. The subject is the main person or thing in the sentence, and the verb explains what the subject is doing. In the sentences below, the subjects are in bold and the verbs are underlined.


  • Autumn is my favourite season.
  • In the winter, I enjoy ice-skating
  • The rickety bridge swayed in the wind.
  • Every Saturday, Jason plays football.
  • We like chips.


Today I would like you to complete the following three activities in you Home Learning Journal:



Activity One: verbs and subjects

Now, write out the following simple sentences and highlight the subjects and underline the verbs in each.


  • Summer is my favourite season.
  • At night, the stars shine.
  • The old dog yawned.  
  • They drink coffee.
  • On Fridays, we get takeaway pizza.


Activity Two: changing the subject

When the subject changes, the verb sometimes changes too.  Sometimes it stays the same.

The table shows you whether the verb needs to change when the subject changes - can you rewrite each sentence with the correct verb form?  Write the sentences in your Home Learning Journal.  The first two have been done for you.


Original sentence

Same sentence with a different subject

Did the verb need to change?

The boy goes to the shop.


The boys go to the shop.


We eat the food.


The people eat the food.


I am happy.


You ______ happy.


Jamie walks home.


Jamie, Mya and Sam ­­­­­______ home.


Every day, I cook food.


Every day, we _________ food.


She is happy.


They _____ happy


They like football.


We ­­­­­­­­_____ football.



Activity Three: rewrite a paragraph


  • The paragraph below is about a group of girls. Rewrite the whole paragraph so it is just about one girl. Remember to change the subject and the verb!


The girls like football. On Sunday, they play on the pitch at the local park. They practice a lot to try and get better. At school, the girls are part of a team.




Play the game below - can you spot the correct spelling of some commonly misspelled words?


When you have finished write a list to see how many words you can remember - can you write a sentence that contains 3 commonly misspelled words?



Look at the picture below scan it carefully and see if you can find the 6 hidden words.



When you have found all 6 missing words choose one and write a list of 5 synonyms for that word - think carefully about your word choice - some will be easier than others.  As a handy hint: a symonym is a word with a similar meaning.  You may find it useful to use an online thesaurus to help you.




We will be reading chapter 9 of 'Edge of Extinction' next week, so today I would like you to think back over the story so far. 


Some key points to think about

  • In the first few chapters we learnt about life underground in the compound 
  • A clue was found hidden in a compass  
  • 2 characters planned to escape from the compound 
  • the characters who escaped found out life topside was dangerous 


Today's task is called - WHAT'S THE STATUS? and below I explain what I would like you to do.


Create a Facebook page for a character of your choice with some status updates about what they have been up to.

Include some pictures and make sure your status updates are relevant to your chosen character and the story.

Around 3 - 4 status updates with images should give an overall picture of the character and the story so far.

Topic - PSHEC


Every Thursday night at 8pm people gather outside their homes and clap for the work members of the NHS are doing during this unusual time.  


To finish off our week of Home Learning I would like you to spend some time creating a competition entry as a way of saying thank you to the millions of people who work in the NHS.  Watch the clip below and then get creative.


If you would like to put your entry into the competition make sure you send me a clear photo of your work and I will send it to the competition address.  Remember the closing date is the 1st of May and only online entries can be accepted at this time.  Our class email is


Maths No Problem answer sheets