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Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning Callisto Class 


Welcome to our Friday Home Learning page remember to sign in using the daily register if you haven't already done so. 


It has been lovely to catch up with some of you in my phone calls home this week and hearing your voices is the next best thing to seeing your happy smiling faces.  We have been Home Learning for 6 weeks now and many of you have talked about finding some of your learning difficult, particularly maths.  If an activity is too difficult for you to complete at home on your own you can always try something different instead.  The following websites have a range of lessons you could look at and provide lots of different learning activities you could try.  The learning is broken down into year groups so feel free to explore and find something you are comfortable with. - this site has short video lessons led by teachers who can talk you though how to complete different tasks across the curriculum. - this site offers a range of activities linked to different subject areas


I am very proud of all of you for trying hard with your Home Learning and I am looking forward to seeing your journals when we return to school.



Join Joe and around 160, 000 viewer for today's daily workout - remember it is Fancy Dress Friday but you can still take part if you don't have a costume!


If you feel like doing something different or have time when you have finished try the following yoga poses:



Start with today's Fluent in Five - remember to time yourself.



Write down the 4 digit number.

Add 7, 643

Subtract 1, 623

Multiply by 6

Divide by 4


Today we will be looking at lesson 4 of Area and Perimeter.  In this lesson we will be using scale diagrams to work out perimeter.  A scale diagram is a small representation of something much larger.  The In focus tasks shows a scale diagram of a room where a 1 cm square represents 1 m of length.  We are asked if it is possible to work out the perimeter of the room.


In the Let's Learn 1 our friend Lulu use her knowledge of the scale to label the diagram of the room before she calculates the perimeter.  In Let's Learn 2 Holly combines some of the lengths to make her calculation of the perimeter easier.  Which method do you prefer?


Have a look at the figures (shapes) in Guided Practice 1 and 2 - use your preferred method to show how you would work out the perimeter of each shape in your Home Learning Journal.  


When you have finished try worksheet 4 on pages 137 and 138 of your workbook - you can find the answer sheets at the bottom of the page.



Yesterday, we began thinking about writing to discuss and you spent some time thinking about different viewpoints linked to the following statement:


Some people would agree with this statement and believe that children should not do school work at home; however other people would disagree with the statement and therefore believe that children should do school work at home.


Your writing task today is to create your own piece of discussion writing that shows a balance between both viewpoints.  Look at the sheet below to help you structure your writing:







Finish reading chapter 11 from Edge of Extinction - when you have finished reading write the events listed below in the correct order as they happen in the whole chapter.


Sky and Shawn meet Jett.

The harness breaks.

They see treetop houses.

Sky and Shawn are searched.

Sky Shawn and Todd narrowly escape a dinosaur attack.



Write each of this week's spelling words on a small piece of paper and put them in a pot. 












Select a word and complete a tic, tack, toe spelling task from the grid below - the aim is to complete a row of 3 tasks.




Rearrange the numbered letters you have noted down throughout the week to solve the secret phrase below - some letters are missing can you work out the phrase and list the missing letters?



Earlier this year you learnt about Shikism with Mrs Roast in your RE lessons.  Watch the following short clip of a young girl talking to her friend about her religious belief.


Create a mind map showing what you found out from the video about what is important to her and her faith.  If you can remember anything from your previous learning you can add that too.  Use the word mat below  to help with your spelling of key words.


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