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Our school is a unique and special place, at the heart of the community, where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow into who they are. Fully inclusive, we promote acceptance and embrace difference. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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Metis - Year 1

Welcome to Metis Class page.

frownHere you will find out what we have been learning.frown

frownA big big thank you to all the parents who supported Metis frown 

and Pandora class cake sale we made

just under £100!  

noThe children have already chosen new smelly

Monday June 5th - 19th   Look at the art work we created in our Art fortnight.  We created a joint canvas with Pandora class and individual sculptures.  The theme was out of the world and other worldly.  We chose to think of plants and creatures that may live on a water world.  The art gallery on Friday was a great success and we all enjoyed talking about our art work.  Thank you to all those who came.

Art work

Art work 1
Art work 2
Art work 3
Art work 4
Art work 5
Art work 6
Art work 7
Art work 8
Art work 9
Art work 10
Art work 11

Term 6 - Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Over our final seven weeks before the long holiday, Metis class will be artists, historians and scientists.  We will be improving our observational skills and using this to create a new landscape and a group piece of art with Pandora class.   We will be visiting the Sea life Centre in Weymouth and challenging ourselves to do the best we can on sports day.    We will also be thinking about next year and starting the transition period.  If you child or yourselves have any questions do come in and have a chat.

Thursday 8th June:  Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!  Look at what we got up to at the Sea life Centre in Weymouth.  Pictures by Mrs Cottles' group and Mrs Snowdon. 

Week commencing Monday 12th June:  Children in Year 1 will be completing the phonics screening check.  If you have any more questions please come in and ask.

Term 6 Topic Letter

Wednesday 10th May

Well done Metis class, you were great ambassadors for Studley Green.  You walked safely and respectfully to Southwick Country Park, you looked at the animals and formed great questions.  Well done you should be very proud. 

Southwick Country Park visit photos (by Mrs Barrett, JC May and Xavier)

Metis class are going to Southwick Country Park on Wednesday 10th May.  Fingers crossed for the weather! 

We've been reading instructions and making bread.

We've been reading instructions and making bread. 1
We've been reading instructions and making bread. 2
We've been reading instructions and making bread. 3

Term 5 -Did old Macdonald have a farm?

This term we will continue to learn about different types of animal and use our scientific knowledge to categorise and investigate.  We will be learning to tell the story of the Little red hen and will use it to help us write our own animal stories.  Metis class will be using all their phonic knowledge to read words and continue to be great readers.  Please use the phoneme cards in their book bags to support their learning.  It really makes a difference.  We will also use our geographical skills to explore the local environment and visit the animals at Southwick country park.

Term Farm Topic letter


Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow 

WOW! We have had a wonderful day learning about unusual animals.  We have been great scientists: asking questions, being calm and using our senses to observe.  Please talk to them about what we have been learning and what they think and congratulate them for being brave, calm and showing respect for animals. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13

Metis Cake Sale Friday 10th March

Thank you to all those parents who made and sent in cakes for our cake sale.  We raise a grand total of £60.10

The money raised will help us pay for Jonathans Jungle Roadshow and smelly stickers that the children have asked for.  The bought cakes that were left over will be shared with the children this week at playtime.

Picture 1 World Book Day
Picture 2 We were working with different people
Picture 3 Our stories grew longer and longer
Picture 4 We tried and we tried
Picture 5 we talked and we talked
Picture 6 In history we're learning about explorers
Picture 7 Can you guess where we are going?
Picture 8 Land ahoy!

Term 4 - What would you put in your suitcase?

This term our learning has strong links to:

Geography - learning about the continents of the world especially Africa

History - learning about different explorers that have change how we live and understand the world

Science - learning about the plants and animals in our local environment and that in Africa


Also we will be cooking and using wool to create Easter treats!

Take a look at our topic letter for important dates and a more detailed plan of our learning over the next 7 weeks.

Term 4 Topic letter

We made toys out of clay and we made toy cars to complete a challenge!

Can you make a wheeled vehicle to move 5m by push or pull?

Well done Metis class you all succeeded.

Thank you Alaa for bringing in your pray mat to show us and for talking about what you do when you pray.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Safer Internet Day

7th February 2017

We have been talking about how to stay safe when using the internet.  Metis class have been thinking about what information is okay to share with family, family and friends and with everyone.  If you ask them they may be able to tell you.

Be safe

In readiness for Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7th February.  Metis class have been learning about how to be safe on the internet.  Please talk to your children about how to stay safe on their electronic devices.
Thank you to the parents who came with us to Southwick Country Park we had a wonderful find.  Metis class read street names as we walked to Southwick Country park and spotted landmarks.  While we were their we looked for signs of winter and even spotted some signs of spring!  Metis class loved squelching in the sticky mud and playing tag in the fields.

Visiting Southwick Country Park

 11 / 1 / 2017

We had great weather for our walk to Trowbridge Museum.  Metis class learnt about how toys have changed over time. The first activity taught Metis class that Victorian children liked to dress up and part of this was to wear a mask.  We look at serveral different one then made our own.  They will be on display in school very soon!  


In activity 2 we played Twelves, Marble run and bagatelle (a wooden board game) where we practiced our number skills while keeping score.


In activity 3 Metis class used their knowledge of adjectives to describe toys from long ago without seeing them.  Sassy was very good at this!  


Our final activity was finding out all about which toys were popular in Victorian times and comparing them with todays toys.  We were very lucky because we were able to give a very old teddy bear a cuddle!


Metis class were marvelous on our visit out and had great fun.Thank you Trowbridge Museum.

Working in Metis Class this year will be Mrs Cottle, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Snowdon.
In Metis class we have 30 energetic and enthusiastic Year 1 learners.

Term 3

What is your toy's story?

Our topic question this term is 'What is your toy's story?' We will focus our learning on old and new toys and what they are made of.

Topic letter Term 3 Metis Class


The Real Saint Nick

Tickets for Metis and Pandora classes Christmas production of The Real Saint Nick go on sale on Monday 28th November. They cost £1 and can be bought from the office.


Performance dates are 1.30pm on Tuesday 6th December and Wednesday 7th December.


Individual photographs of children will be on sale during the production £2.50 each.

Picture 1
On Tuesday 15th November 2016 Metis, Luna, Atlas and Pandora went to the cinema.  We had a marvelous time watching Zootropolis.  It has helped us be enthusiastic talkers and writers.  Have a look below

In term 2 our learning heading is...
Sparkle and Shine 
The children will be learning to use history skills to find out about Guy Fawkes and Remembrance day.  In art Metis class will be using  a lot of paint and will learn all about how to mix colours. For English this term we will be learning how to perform Rhymes for our parents, how to retell stories and how to perform the Christmas story.
If you have any questions and queries, please come in and speak to Mrs Cottle.

A huge thank you to all Metis parents.  

We raise a grand


at our cake sale. (11/11/16)

Next week the children will be looking at what we could spend it on.  If you have any ideas do let us know. 

Metis class have PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The last signs of autumn

The last signs of autumn 1 crunch crunch, crackle crackle!
The last signs of autumn 2 scrunch scrunch, crisp crisp!
The last signs of autumn 3 Getting ready
The last signs of autumn 4 Off they go!

Its harvest time!

Its harvest time! 1 Soup to take up to church

Look how much soup Metis class brought in to support the soup kitchen in Trowbridge.

We are building on our learning skills by trying, thinking and exploring!  To support us in this we have Thinkasaurus, Explorasaurus and Tryasaurus.

Characteristics of learning

Characteristics of learning 1 Thinkasaurus
Characteristics of learning 2 Explorasaurus
Characteristics of learning 3 Tryasaurus

Homework in Metis class

Reading at home Each week we hope that you will have time to hear your child read and record this in their reading diary.



Each Friday the children will be given 5 spelling to learn these will link to their phonics and tricky word learning.
Maths or English homework Each week your child will receive a piece of homework linked to their reading book or maths learning.  It will be explained to them so they can complete it independently but your support is always welcome.


We went looking for shape around our school

What shapes can you find?