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Our school is a unique and special place, at the heart of the community, where children feel safe, loved and supported as they grow into who they are. Fully inclusive, we promote acceptance and embrace difference. We believe that an outstanding education is the single most important factor in ensuring success in life and we are relentless in the pursuit of this. We expect the highest level of engagement from all who share in our vision of 'beyond expectation'.

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The teaching of English is a core element of the national curriculum and forms a key part of every child's learning at Studley Green Primary School.  These skills are fundamental in helping children fulfil their educational potential and are essential in ensuring they are able to participate fully as a member of society.


Our curriculum for the teaching of English includes the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, which we consider are crucial tools in helping our children communicate effectively in different contexts.  We strongly believe that these skills are interlinked and the development of one skill depends upon another. We strive to provide the children with opportunities to develop these skills within each planned writing unit through extended writing tasks and a range of cross curricular activities.


Calling All Readers 


At the end of the summer term 2017 we had our 'Wiltshire Library Summer Reading Challenge' assembly.  


This year the theme was 'Animal Agents' and the challenge began on Saturday the 15th of July.  All you needed to do to take part was read 6 books over 8 weeks during the holidays.  For each book you read there were rewards to be won.  We encouraged all Studley Green readers to take part in this challenge and asked them to remember to ... Keeeeeep reading!


Now we have returned to school, we will be working out which class has the most children who took part in the challenge and special prizes will be awarded - Watch this space!


Reading Matters


At Studley Green, we aim to encourage all learners to become effective readers.  We consider the development of reading skills to be vital in creating independent lifelong learners.  


Through our teaching of reading we aim to:


  • Develop confident, competent and fluent readers
  • Ensure children use a range of strategies to develop an understanding of what they have read
  • Foster a sense of enjoyment of engaging with a wide range of written text
  • Encourage children to learn to read as well as read to learn
  • Develop a culture where everyone reads widely and reads for pleasure


We use a range of strategies to support our children in becoming effective readers.


Guided reading

During guided reading sessions children work in small structured groups or as a class in order to consolidate, develop and apply their reading skills.  In these sessions class teachers and LSAs are able to hear children read appropriately challenging text and offer support to develop skills in decoding, fluency and comprehension.   


Shared reading

Shared reading takes place in all curriculum areas and engages all children in text relevant to their learning.


Independent reading

Independent reading opportunities allow children to develop reading stamina and make their own choices about texts that appeal to them.


Individual reading

Individual reading is offered to children who may need extra support in order to practice the skills needed to become an effective reader.  



We have invested in a purpose built library which contains over 6000 fiction and non-fiction books linked to all aspects of the curriculum.  Each class has at least one timetabled session every week in which to visit our school library and enjoy a good book of their choice. All our children have library cards and are able to borrow up to two books to take home and read.


Reading at home

As well as the reading children do in school, it is essential that they continue to develop their reading skills outside of the classroom.  All children are expected to read regularly at home.


Reading Workshops

Each term we encourage families to participate in our book based reading workshops.  Our first workshop this year will be held on Tuesday 19th September and will be linked to our school theme of 'Healthy Me!'.  In this workshop we will be reading and acting out the story 'Stone Soup' before sharing a range of vegetables to create a tasty and healthy soup for all participant to take home.  Look out for more information to follow shortly.


Find out more about how we teach English at Studley Green by taking a look at our English Guidelines.  

English Guidelines 2017

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